November 28, 2016

1st Sunday in Advent, 2016

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Happy New Year for those in a liturgical denomination such as Roman Catholics, Old Catholics, Anglicans, Lutherans, and maybe Orthodox but there I am not sure if they start the Church Year on 1 Advent.

I am still annoyed at my church for banning the American Flag to celebrate Veterans’ Day and for putting veterans in with animals in the prayers. I should let this go but everyone else seems to get away with being hurt by something, mostly the election, so why not pander to my Scottish side and nurse a grudge. With a name like Christopher Cole you  might think I am pure Anglo but I am a Purebrbreed American Mongrel. My ancestry covers all the British Isles, a bit from Norway, some from France, a bit from Spain, and a bit from the Gypsies and the Jews. And I probably missed some but that is what I remember from what my Father told me those many decades ago. I have been told, on many occasions that I have a Scottish temper. And I remember an old saying from the North of England I was told when I was stationed in Germany and visiting England and Scotland – Your grandchildren will curse the day you made an enemy of a Scotsman.

I watched the Bengals lose again. For five years they did great during the regular season, only to fail in the playoffs. This year, they are failing in the regular season. So far it isn’t as bad as during the “Bungles” era but it is bad and I do not like it. It is something I have to accept though and I don’t like that either.

I am still working on GENERATION UPON GENERATION, proofreading it, chaptering it, and adding details where needed. I am also trying to think out HIGH TREASON but I am not getting anywhere with that. I am of a mind to work on one of the other books but I have been posting a chapter a week on my other blog,, and I don’t want to stop that until I get the whole series done and posted. Then I can make reference to the postings there when I hunt for an agent for one of the other books I want to write. I won’t try to get that series published except on the blog but I will use it for showing what I can do in order to get something else published.

The weather is getting colder here in Tucson, and I feel sorry for those who are freezing now, so I am sleeping with a blanket and wearing heavier shirts during the day. I am moving away from wearing t-shirts all the time and even in this last summer I wore long-sleeve shirts almost all the time. I stopped wearing jeans over a decade ago and normally wear business casual slacks. I don’t care all that much about clothes, I wear whatever seems like a good idea at the time. A fashion plate I am not. Beau Brummel would have hated me. I enjoy looking at good fashion though and I have some ideas about what sort of clothes I would design is I could design clothes. But wearing clothes, for me clothes are not a fashion statement but purely functional.



November 25, 2016

November 24, 2016

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To all in America: HAPPY THANKSGIVINE!

Normally on Thursdays I don’t post on gruundehn but I post a chapter on but today I didn’t because of Thanksgiving. I spent the whole day so far watching football. So far, the two teams I decided to root for lost. I didn’t care about the Vikings or the Redskins but I chose to root for them today and they lost. Upcoming is a game I do care about. As a Cincinnati Bengals fan, the Pittsburgh Steelers are rivals serious rivals. Plus, I am originally from Indianapolis. So I am going to root for the Colts even though they moved to Indianapolis long after my family left. My family was living in a suburb of Cincinnati when I joined the USAF in 1967 so I have been a fan of the Bengals since Day One. So, tonight I root for the Colts over the Steelers.

So, today has been a lazy day. The closest I came to doing any work is this posting. Once tomorrow rolls around, I will do some grocery shopping I have never done Black Friday shopping. Black Friday is called that because the sales on this day put most retailers into the black for the year. I don’t do crowds well. Maybe someday I will do my Christmas shopping on Black Friday but I doubt it. Sometime in the next week or so I have to drop off the toys I bought for Toys 4 Tots. But that won’t be on Black Friday not will I buy any toys on Black Friday I bought these online.

A short post but there wasn’t much to say except, Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you spent time with family and friends and enjoyed the whole day.

November 22, 2016

November 21, 2016

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I have GENERATIONS UPON GENERATIONS finished except for proofreading and filling in some details Right now it stands at just under 40,000 words but after this go-through and probably another go-through, I will have it over 40,000 words. I am not completely happy with the ending but adding more to draw it out doesn’t seem right. The Captain of the colony ship is intelligent and accepts the situation as it is, making him obstinate just to add words seems wrong. Most of my characters, especially the more minor ones, do not have fixed personalities and I let them develop as y writing goes along. So, I presently have this captain realize that his continued obstinacy is doing no good and he accepts the situation as a pragmatist would do. I am not going to say more, read the book as I post it.

Yesterday I, and another member of the local Libertarian Party, met with a group of high school students, members of Junior State of America. We had some nice discussions, political candidates could learn something from these children. Not one voice was raised in anger, no one called ugly names, and people listened to each other. I have hope for our future.

Spending all day concentrating on proofreading and making corrections to a book leave little time for just about anything else. Shortly, I am heading off to do some more grocery shopping, I have been doing it a small amount at a time instead of one or two huge trips. For the huge trips I take a laundry cart with a liner to carry the grocery bags in but doing small amounts at a time, I use a shoulder bag. Dragging the cart around is a bit of a hassle, it often hits my heel as I pull it and knocks my shoe partly off. So, since the bag does not do that, I will stay with the bag for now. Plus, doing the walk to the store and back is good exercise. And I need all the exercise I can get.

It hasn’t rained for a while, we are still ahead of the 30-year average but not by much. I know, I harp on rain a lot, but this is Tucson which is in a desert. We average in a year what a lot of places in America average in a week. Rain is good, we need more. Now, having said that, the street design here is horrible for dealing with the rain. Streets flood with little more than a drizzle. And, since I walk almost everywhere, that part of rain I do not like. I am old, I do not like getting my shoes soaked.

I need to get down to the local AT&T cell phone provider and change my carrier. I also need to drop my landline and use my smart phone as a hot spot for my apartment. Doing that, and eliminating some of the channels on my satellite provider should save me about $100 a month. I can save more for the next Libertarian Convention and probably attend, especially if it is in Phoenix. If it is there, I can spend about $75 a day travelling there and back thus avoiding hotel costs. But, as far as I can tell, the location has not been decided yet for the 2018 convention much less the 2020 one.

November 19, 2016

November 19, 2016

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Normally on Saturdays I am playing TTRPG with friends but not today as one is sick. Since I knew I wouldn’t be playing today I took a sleeping pill last night in hopes of getting a good night’s sleep It worked. At 67 years old my sleep is sporadic, as I have mentioned in the past. So, for several months now, I have gone through the days will too little sleep. On the few days when I did get enough sleep, I never seemed to improve as I never slept well enough to overcome the deficit that had built up. That was the case today as I went to bed and got to sleep around 10 PM and woke up to go to the bathroom at 4 AM and went back to sleep, something that often did not happen, and slept until well after 8AM. I would take sleeping pills more often but for two basic reasons, the first is that after a short while they no longer work and the second is that there are many days when I have to get up early and sleeping too long interferes with that. So, I suffer nights of bad sleep.

I sounded like an old man complaining about his health there didn’t I?

I continue to work on GENERATION UPON GENERATION in order to get it ready to post. But my mind is drifting towards what I am going to write in the book HIGH TREASON. Plus, other stories come creeping into my mind, stories I started and haven’t finished or even brand new ones. I live alone and so there is no one to help with the daily chores so those interrupt my writing far too much. What interrupts even more though, is my habit of watching YouTube videos. Wasting time a few minutes at a time is not good for writing. I know that and still do it.

At least the weather here in Tucson is fine. We are over the summer heat and not yet into the winter cold. Yes, I know that what is cold for here is mild for most other places in the world but I live here not someplace else. I have thought of moving back to Indianapolis but then I think of the snow and decide to stay here.

I cannot seem to get rid of the excess weight I have, and which is causing my diabetes. I will have to increase my exercises, more time away from writing, and slim down my eating. some. I don’t eat a lot anyway, at least I think I don’t, but at 264 pounds (14 Stone 12 pounds, 120 Kg) I am too heavy.

I don’t normally have a lot to say in these posts, so I often sit here at my computer and wonder “What next?” before I dash off a short paragraph or two. My life is pretty much a routine with some variations. I envy, but do not want to emulate, those whose lives are full of excitement and constant activities. I prefer to sit and meditate or sit and write. And so my life will continue; nice, dull and boring with all my excitement in my stories.

Tomorrow I attend a political meeting and answer questions about the Libertarian Party. I enjoy these outings. The two old parties have all sorts of ways that they can get their messages across but we Libertarians have to actively work at it. I am looking forward to this meeting. One thing I have to watch out for is that I get distracted from what I am saying too easily and so I have to not let myself go off on tangents.

November 18, 2016

November 18, 2016

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For me, politics is almost a full-time job that pays me nothing. I have been up since about 3:30 Am (it is not just about 4:30 PM) and with the exception of the hour or two I spent shopping, it has been all politics. Since I am an officer in my political party, I often do communications work for them. Plus, I am on a civilian advice commission for the county government for the party. So, this morning I worked on an opinion piece that I want published by the local newspaper, travelled to the commission meeting and worked there for about three hours or so, went to lunch and did a bit of grocery shopping, and then shopping for a new chair, and then finalized the opinion piece and submitted it. So now, I can do what I want, right? No. I have to prepare for a political outreach meeting Sunday, prepare my speech to the county governing board for Tuesday and maybe work on one or more YouTube videos (I invite you to visit my channel Christopher Cole and watch my talking head videos – there is more than one channel with that name so look for my face or look for a title such as INITIATING VIOLENCE). This is in addition to what writing I get done, and I have to finish off GENERATION UPON GENERATION and get it ready for posting on my other blog site.

I had been watching a couple of game shows on TV but I gave that up. They were at just the wrong time of day and I really didn’t feel like recording them and watching them later. I do have hobbies, table-top role-playing games is one. And I enjoy that a lot. And as part of that, I paint miniature figures for use in TTRPGs. But painting has been something I haven’t been able to keep up with, I presently have several dozen figures to paint. I am retired, and it seems like I am busier than when I was on active duty with the USAF. I have a lot to do and no one to help me do it, and I am just lazy enough to make it harder to get it all done.

I am looking forward to someday travelling again. I traveled a lot while on active duty and my parents moved a lot before I joined the USAF. We lived in three ou can look for the first title INITIANG CIOLENCE),000-5,000 needed. That $25 was from my youngest brother and I refunded that to him, it cost me a fee to get the money from the Kickstarter campaign site. Kickstarter or Go Fund Me, I forget which but the idea is the same. I may try again next year to go to the 2018 Convention but start it much sooner.

November 17, 2016

November 16, 2016

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I am tired of housework. I live alone and I would rather sit at my computer and write than sweep, do dishes, etc. However, it has to get done and as much as I hate it I have to do it. I just deleted a bad joke on the subject because I doubt enough people would understand it to be a bad joke for it to be worthwhile.

I love bad jokes. You see, when you tell a good joke well, everybody laughs. If you tell a good joke badly, people still laugh but not as hard. If you tell a bad joke badly, everyone groans. But if you tell a bad joke well, you get the groans and the laughs. I have tried for decades to tell a joke so bad that people throw things at me. I almost succeeded once. Just the once. When I was stationed at Udorn RTAFB in 1970-71, I got into a bad joke contest with an NCO in my shop. It lasted about two months, before he rotated back to the USA. The other members of the shop voted as who won and he did. After the contest was over, I learned that his family was sending him bad jokes from America. I was competing one against four.

A week from tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day here in America. Thanksgiving Day. The start of the secular Christmas season. The religious one starts on Christmas Day and lasts twelve days, thus the carol. Where is the year go? It seems like it should still be March or April. Keeping busy with my writing helps the time go by but, this fast?  Tomorrow I post another chapter in Dreadnought to my other blog. I have finished the first draft of Generation upon Generation and now I go through it, break the chapters and proofread I will be adding details to some sparse areas as well. The final word count should be around 45,000. Then I start on High Treason.


November 13, 2016

7th Sunday in the Season of Creation, 2016

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I am fuming. I have been fuming since mid-morning. Last Friday was Veterans’ Day here in America and part of the Sunday service today was to celebrate that. Typically on Sundays that have some patriotic significance I carry the American Flag during the Procession (the entry into the service) and the Recession (the departure from the service) but I got blindsided this morning and I was told I shouldn’t do this because of people having their feelings hurt and not wanting to be reminded that the American philosophy is the Rule of Law. Then during the service there was a prayer for animals and veterans. Yeah, we veterans are animals it seems. I served in South East Asia in 1970, 1971, 1972, 1973 and 1974. I was put guarding the perimeter of Udorn RTAFB even though I was an electronics repairman. The bases in Thailand were attacked, some more than once, and until enough Security Police could be trained and assigned, many of us were halfway trained (a three month course done in one week) and put on guard duty. And yes, I did get shot at. In addition, when I returned from my first tour and my last tour, (1970-1971 & 1973-1974) I was abused by civilians at the airport as I was waiting to go home. Used and abused, shot at and spit on, and this is the thanks I get. “Thank you for your service” was never much of a repayment but it was often sincere. The insults I got today was also sincere.

I am fuming. Maybe it was because I was at church or maybe it was just the timing but a lot of old wounds got ripped open today. When the 432 TRW ordered me to become a Security Police Augmentee, and I had to take the one week version of a three-month course, part of the training was to qualify on the M-16. I had qualified in Basic Training in 1967 but I had to requalify in 1970. So March 26, 1970 I and several other Airmen were on the firing line ready to fire off a portion of our qualifying rounds. There were several Security Policemen qualifying on the .38 caliber revolver off to the side. They were not firing at the targets but just firing in the air wildly. After they stopped, the instructors had some words with them, I discovered where three slugs landed within an inch (about .4 cm) from the little toe of my left foot. I still have nightmares, not as often as before but once or twice a year 46 years later. I do not believe I have PTSD, or if I do it is a mild case, but I don’t need that mental wound being torn open.

My family was living in Ohio when I joined the USAF. The church my family attended while I was in Basic Training and Technical School had a priest who declared that anyone serving in the military should never have been born in a sermon. After that service he came up to my parents and said that he had heard that I was in the service and would my parents like a Service Cross blessed for me. My parents were so angry at his hypocrisy that they stormed out and never went back. And my parents were deeply religious, as am I. So you can see where a lot of bad memories got stirred up this morning and why I am fuming. How long it will take for me to settle down, I do not know. Writing this helped a bit but I am still fuming.

November 12, 2016

November 12, 2016

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The General Election for 2016 is over and my email inbox is a barren wasteland in comparison to what it was before Tuesday. I was getting emails from the national political parties, the state political parties, the campaigns,, and a whole bunch more.

Today I helped audit the election for Pima County. That is, the county political party chairs randomly selected certain precincts and certain batches of early ballots to hand count and compare against the machine count. We signed in at 8:30 AM and I left about 1:30 PM because I had done my share and I did not want to stay all day. I got home about 3 PM. Bus service in Tucson on the weekend is horrible. But the audit went well, few of the auditing teams had problems. There was one team for each precinct that was to be audited (10 out of about 230 precincts) and an early voting batch of 200 for about half the teams. We did not audit every political office or proposition just a randomly selected few but there had to be at least one at the Federal level, at least one at the State level and one proposition. We audited the Presidential and Senatorial offices, the Corporation Commission and one legislative district for the state level and one proposition out of two on the ballot, the one dealing with minimum wage. The precinct had about 300 ballots and the batch of early votes was 200 ballots (all early vote batches are 200 ballots). Since the Corporation Commission was select 3 out of 5 candidates and the legislative district was select 2 out of three candidates you can see where it got tedious doing the audit. There are four political parties recognized by Pima County and all four had several people present so that no one party was the sole party on any auditing team.

I am getting some writing done but now that I am getting more consistent in writing, story ideas are starting to flood in and demand attention. I have ENTRANCE EXAMINATION finished and posted on and DREADNOUGHT in the process of being posted there. I am just about finished with the draft of GENERATION UPON GENERATION and will start proofreading and chaptering it shortly, I have the basic idea for HIGH TREASON in mind and can start working on it soon plus I have a story about a person who goes back to AD 1142 and interacts with the locals there and changes history, a story about a person turned into a god and that person’s plan to invade Earth and get revenge on the people who killed him, series of fantasy books (one story spread out through fourteen books) and a few movie ideas. Plus, I am probably going to be more active politically. Anybody know how to get more than 24 hours in a day? And I didn’t even mention this blog or my YouTube videos. I didn’t work so hard when I was on active duty fixing airplanes for the USAF.


November 8, 2016

November 7, 2016

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Tomorrow is the General Election. I will be spending all day with political matters. I have already voted, although I am against early voting unless you know you cannot be at the polls on election day, on principle. But tomorrow I will be watching the election at my precinct and it might cause confusion if I vote and then watch the rest of the voting. Then I will be at the monthly meeting of my political party, I am an officer, and will give a report on how I saw the election proceed. Then I may watch the returns for a few hours. When I go to bed is an undecided issue.

I did get a little writing done but I spent most of today cleaning and I hate cleaning my apartment. I also got a notice that my October rent payment was not received. Wednesday I am going to have to talk with the owners, a foundation in Phoenix. Unfortunately, I do not have a receipt for the October payment. The former manager/maintenance man never gave a receipt when I made the payments but did so a day or two later. I got in the habit of not expecting a receipt right away and I was always surprised when the receipt was attached to my door. So, all last month I never paid attention to the fact that I didn’t get a receipt and now the man is gone. I have no idea what is going to happen. I cannot afford to make two payments this month, or any month for that matter.

I have a library of probably 4,000 books. I no longer read most of them and I have to start getting rid of those. I will keep my airplane, religious, role-playing and maybe a few other book categories. Once I get down to the books I will read over and over, I will have a lot of shelf space that I will probably fill up with either more books or videos. What can I say, I am a pack rat.

November 6, 2016

6th Sunday of the Creation Season, 2016

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I hate housework as I said yesterday. However today I worked for two hours doing just that. A friend came over and helped but I am always uncomfortable with help like this unless I pay for the work. If someone is going to work for someone else they should get paid for the work they do. Yes, I understand that people will help friends, and I have helped friends in the past, it is just that the way I was raised, work gets paid.

My apartment is old, how old I do not know but there is no dishwasher installed and the number of electrical outlets is less than desirable. For example the kitchen has two sets of two outlets plus the one for the refrigerator. So, for those four jacks I have available I have to plug in the microwave, the coffee maker, the slow cooker, the toaster, a battery charger, an electric grill, and whatever other things such as electric knives or blenders that are just temporarily in use. Not only do I not have enough outlets, but counter space is at a premium. If I could afford to move up to a more modern apartment, I’d buy a house where outlets and counter space would not be a problem. But I’m not rich so I have to make do with an old apartment that is out of date. I failed to plan for this when I was much younger.

There was a ministry fair at church today and I helped out. I am an usher and a lector so I tried to convince people that being an usher was something that they should try. I did get a couple of people to sign up and a few more expressed interest, but that will probably never bear fruit as the saying goes. People tend to forget, and I am one of them, that they were once interested in something if they don’t follow up quickly. However, it is nice to talk to people.

Tuesday is the end of a contentious campaign season. I get emails, and snail mail, from the Democrats, the Republicans, the Libertarians and occasionally the Greens. Every day for the last few months my email inbox has been overflowing with campaign emails. Requests for money, attacks on an opponent and rarely a position paper on an issue. I will miss all that, like I’d miss a toothache. I cannot be the only voter who wants to see where a candidate stands on the various issues can I?

Next Friday is Veterans’ Day here in America. I will go downtown and watch the parade and next Sunday I will carry the American flag at church. The previous Rector did not like for the flag to be part of the service but the present Rector does. So, on Sundays that have some significance I carry the flag and, given my knee and ankle problems, try not to fall down. Every time I have been carrying the flag I keep repeating to myself “Don’t embarrass 320 million people.” It works, I haven’t dropped it yet.


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