October 26, 2016

October 25, 2016

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I am overweight. I weigh in at about 260 pounds (or about 120 Kg). I need to get my weight down but I just remembered something that is making it hard to get rid of the unwanted weight. A dietitian years ago told me that I should have breakfast within an hour of waking. I have also been told to not eat after midnight until I test my blood sugar. I test at roughly 5:30AM or whenever I wake, whichever is later. If I wake anytime before 4:30AM then the two requirements are in conflict. So my body does not process food like it should and my weight does not go down. I do not eat as I believe my blood sugar testing is more important. Now, I just need to get to sleep and stay asleep better.

What I do get done during the early morning hours when I cannot get back to sleep is get some writing done. I am almost finished with the first draft of GENERATIONS UPON GENERATIONS so once I finish the plot I will have to go back and add the details that I have left out so far, and perhaps expand on some sections that I think are weak. But I never can go through anything I have written without making changes. I have been doing some thinking about the next book in the series: HIGH TREASON. I have the plot down and once I start writing it should go quickly unless I end up rewriting it several times as I have done with GENERATIONS UPON GENERATIONS. The last book in the series, probably, will probably be titled THE END but that is still up in the air. I like the title and the closure it gives to the series. But then I think of Isaac Asimov and his FOUNDATION series. It started off as a trilogy and ended up a series of six or seven books once he went back to the series. I do not intend to go back to this series, so a set of five is all it will be. I have too many other books to finish.

I have nothing expected for the next week so I should get a lot of writing done. Last Thursday I tried to get Chapter 13 of DREADNOUGHT posted but I was almost finished when I lost it. It was an all day job so I couldn’t start over and I have been busy with a lot of incidental stuff so I put it off until this Thursday upcoming. I have gotten several “Likes” and some “follows” but no comments except from my brother and he makes his comments by email. ENTRANCE EXAMINATION is a very upbeat sort of story, one I wrote a long while ago. I had a very optimistic view of the future while writing that story but DREADNOUGHT, GENERATIONS UPON GENERATIONS, HIGH TREASON and THE END are much darker. At least, they are so far. I may change the mood for the last two before I write them; but, I doubt it.

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