October 25, 2016

October 24, 2016

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Monday evening and it is trying to pretend it is going to rain here in Tucson. Clouds are everywhere and I have heard thunder but as yet no drops have fallen that I can tell.

I haven’t any excuse for not posting these last few days. I just never thought to get around to it I guess. But then, my life is not exactly the type that adventure novels are made of. I get up, a good night’s sleep or a bad night’s sleep, read, write and watch videos. I eat a bland diet, not out of medical necessity but my nose does not work right so my sense of smell / taste is minimal. SO, as a result I do not go for very varied items to eat as it all tastes the same, pretty much. The high point of my day, for now, is watching football, American football. I have never been much of a fan of soccer (football to everyone else). Ice hockey is something I am interested in, I started getting interested when I was stationed in upstate New York. I tried following the Boston Bruins but that died out while living here in Tucson. Not much ice hockey in the desert. That is going to change as a new minor league hockey team has formed and will be playing here. Their first home game is this Friday but they have played two away games so far. I am going to try to attend some of the home games and learn the game.

I complain an awful lot about sleeping badly and after a week of sleeping well, I am back to sleeping badly during the night and napping during the day. Last night I actually slept well but I still napped most of the day today. At the age of 67 maybe I am expecting too much with wanting to sleep well more often. But this is something I complain about since I don’t have adventures to brag about.

I watched the Bengals win Sunday and I am glad that they are not as bad as they once were but I am sad that they are not as great as they have been recently. But, good or bad, I am their fan and will remain so. I just hope that someday I will be able to afford to attend one of their games in person and cheer them on. But I am not a rich man and right now that is off the to-do list. It remains on the I-wish list however and maybe it can get on the to-do list.

I haven’t done a YouTube video for a while. I did my last one on the 2nd Amendment and the Declaration of Independence. Someone did a rebuttal and I have been doing some research in order that my rebuttal of his rebuttal is well grounded. I am ready I believe so I am doing it tomorrow. I want to get back to doing them regularly, say one a day or at least one a week. I have subscribers now and I owe it to them.

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