October 20, 2016

October18, 2016

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I am not watching the Presidential “debate” tonight. It isn’t a debate and no good will come of it. Now, if Gary Johnson had been allowed to join in that would be different. Clinton and Trump have done little but sling mud and Johnson has tried to speak exclusively to the issues. If he had been in the debate, he could have actually done some good for the country.

The monthly Pima County Libertarian meeting was last night and the County Chair is going to go to a new man, actually a former Chair who is getting active again after holding elective office. Already he is working to get the party active and growing, and he doesn’t take office until January. It looks like I will be more active as well, which means I may not have as much time for writing. But, as it stands now, other things keep pulling me away from my writing anyway so it probably won’t make too much of a difference.

I did pamper myself today and I got a massage, an hour-long one. I felt great afterwards. I need to become a millionaire so I can get a good massage daily. The only problem with that is that when I go out for a massage, I eat out and given the portion sizes in restaurants, I overeat.

I got my first toy for the TOYS 4 TOTS campaign and I spent some time today searching for number 2. I bought nothing but I did search. I donated four toys last year and I intend to donate more this year, even if just one extra. I enjoy doing this as I believe that private charity is better than government welfare. I am donating what I want to donate, not paying some bureaucrat to do something I disapprove of.

Some years ago I was hoping to join a monastic order, an order of canons, but it fell through. When I was first talking with them, they said that they would help me on my spiritual path. I had a suggestion of a possible problem (note how tentative this is) and they told me don’t bother, try again in two years. Needless to say, it has been over two years and I haven’t spoken with them again. I mention them, and I am not going to name the order, as I have come to the conclusion that I may need to form my own order. I am writing the Rule now, taking a lot from the Benedictines, when I can. How I am going to set this up, I don’t know but it is a goal worth striving for. Maybe I’ll use my nonexistent metal detector and discover a pirate treasure on the nonexistent beach here in Tucson.

Let’s see, I am writing novels, I am posting them chapter by chapter on a blog, I am working on a Rule for an order of canons, I am writing a web comic (I won’t be doing the art, someone I know will) and I am involved in politics (soon to be much more involved). When I retired I didn’t expect to be more busy than when I was on active duty.


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