October 17, 2016

3rd Sunday in the Creation Season, 2016

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Well, I guess I jinxed myself talking about how good I have been sleeping. I got no sleep last night and fell asleep in the morning so I missed church. I did get several hours of sleep but completely off schedule.

Well, I checked for what package could have been stolen and found none. I did get a package in the mailbox but my neighbor said specifically it was UPS that dropped the package off. I have no package being delivered by way of UPS. Every package in transit is coming through the Post Office. I am confused.

I did get some writing done while I waiting to get to sleep. Not much, I kept going to bed and trying to sleep and then getting up after a while frustrated. I have to write what I am going to say on Tuesday and I want to make sure that I have a hard-hitting speech that cannot go over 3 minutes in length. This should be fun. The Pima County Board of Supervisors needs every chewing out I, and anyone else, can give them.

Since the end of the year is coming up, I am starting to look for next year’s calendars. I get some as gifts from various charities but I still like hunting for calendars. And I hate to shop. The sort of calendars I buy are military aircraft or Weimaraner dogs. When I was young, before I joined the USAF, my family had a Weimaraner dog and I have been in love with the breed ever since. So, I might buy a Weimaraner calendar if I can find one, often I can’t, or something with military aircraft; I do get a gift calendar from the Commemorative Air Force and I enjoy the photos there, but I also like more modern military aircraft as well.

I also need to get a few more toys for the Toys for Tots campaign. Plus, I will be watching two editions of the A CHRISTMAS CAROL during the season. I watch the version with Patrick Stewart and the one with George C. Scott. Of all the ones I have seen, those two are the best I believe. I will also read the book. This story is one that inspires me.


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