October 16, 2016

October 15, 2016

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Saturday games today. However, I have noticed one point that bothers me. Regardless of what I am doing, watching TV, video, reading, or playing, I fall asleep if my mind isn’t fully engaged and sometimes when it is. I have been getting a good nights sleep for several days now but it still happens. I don’t know when it started, I think I was falling asleep but only for a few seconds or maybe minutes for a long time now but it never really something I noticed. My body is wearing out in more ways than I had known about. And it isn’t caffeine, I drank more caffeinated drinks, coffee especially, when I was younger and unless it is a delayed reaction of several years, the amount of caffeine I am drinking now is miniscule in comparison

As I was leaving for the game one of my neighbors in the apartment complex told me that a package had been left at my door by UPS. I never got it and so I supposed it had been stolen. Once I got home tonight I checked my package notifications and could not discover what the package could have been. I did get a package yesterday but it was in my mail box. It was a bolo tie, I have started collecting them, not as a collection like a coin collection, but to wear. I now have five. One for specific occasions, one for general use and three for church. If I am going to wear a tie, it will be a bolo tie. I hate neckties, and I own several.

The weather has started turning cold, at least cold for Tucson. The days are nice, not hot and barely warm, and the nights are cool. This may be why I am sleeping better but since I don’t sleep outside, I doubt it. But I did read an article about a year ago or so that claimed that a cool room gives better sleep. I forget what the suggested temperature was but I don’t turn the central heat on in the winter here even if the temperature drops below freezing. I have an electric blanket, and several regular blankets, to keep me warm at night and a space heater to warm up the room I spend more of my time in. Let winter come, I’m not afraid.



  1. Great read

    • gruundehn said,

      Maybe you might be interested in my writing blog? This blog is filling the function of a journal or diary which I never seemed to be able to keep going when I was younger as I wrote by hand all the entries. I type this and so I keep going.

      But thanks for the comment. I look forward to them.

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