October 13, 2016

October 12, 2016

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OK, I goofed up. Instead of adding the short story to my other blog, I added it to this one. I’ll have to discover how to copy a page from here to there and delete the page here. I want my writing to all be on the same blog, not scattered. But, if you read the short story, I would like feedback. I ask for feedback all the time and rarely get it.  Just my youngest brother commenting on my novels in emails to me. I don’t know if he reads this blog or how he discovered my other blog, I don’t remember telling him about it but I could have.

I got a lot of writing done today but it was all on a movie idea. This is a problem I have, and I acknowledge it, I tend to jump about between stories. It used to be that I would try to jump between all my novels on the idea that if I hit a block on one, I could jump to another and get working there. I discovered that I spent too much time trying to decide what story to work on. It seems to be coming back. But this movie idea is one I like. It is a variation on the old Judy Garland / Mickey Rooney “put on a play in order to save X” movies. And that is all I am going to say now.

I have started collecting toys for the TOYS FOR TOTS campaign coming up. I try to collect between four to six toys for various ages and both boys and girls and take them to a Marine Corps collecting site. Yes, I know other organizations collect toys for needy kids for Christmas, but I give to the Marines. My youngest brother is a retired Marine and I am retired Air Force, plus the Marine Corps Reserve started it all. So there, not that there aren’t other campaigns to help kids at Christmas such as Angel Tree, but I stick with one.


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