October 10, 2016

2nd Sunday of the Creation Season, 2016

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Today has not been going well for me. I overslept, hugely, and missed church and kept wanting to sleep all day. I watched the Bengals Cowboys football game, I just stopped as the game ended in order to write this (it was over long before) and was highly disappointed by the performance of the Bengals. I will give them credit, they never gave up; but not giving up is useless if you don’t have the capability to do something and the Bengals just never played well enough for their efforts to be anything but useless.

I don’t plan on watching the second Presidential debate tonight as the last one disgusted me so much and this one looks to be even worse. I doubt policy is going to get more than lip service and I expect that it will be attack sound bites all around and all throughout.

I did spend some time working on my writing, but not much. Every time I went to the kitchen for a drink of water, I came close to going back to bed. What is weird is that I have been sleeping well the last couple of nights. Why I am so tired is beyond me for now.

I was expecting rain yesterday and it never came. Oh well, just another disappointment. I envy, kind of, those places where the rain is not a rare event all year. I love Tucson but sometimes I think about moving, usually to Indianapolis where I was born. The first house I remember living in still exists and the trees my father planted are well grown. I looked it up online and the assessed value listed is only $58,000 which means to me that it is in a bad neighborhood and probably run down. I have fond memories of living there but I doubt the present reality is worth the nostalgia.

Tomorrow is another day and one that I hope will be better for me. I am not an optimist, not really although kind of. I hope for the best but when it doesn’t happen, I really wasn’t surprised. But tomorrow is another day and I can look forward to that.

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