October 9, 2016

October 8, 2016

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It looks like rain is coming and very soon. I just walked to the grocery store and I could see the rain clouds over the Santa Catalina Mountains and saw several flashes of lightning. I worried that it would be raining before I got home, but it hasn’t started yet but it looks like soon. Even though Tucson is ahead of the thirty year average any additional rain is welcome as far as I am concerned as we are coming out of a twenty year drought.

Earlier tonight, before dinner and grocery shopping, I watched FANTASIA 2000. And with that on my mind as I walked, I came up with a movie idea. The entire walk, there and back, I worked on the idea. I have it formed enough for inclusion in my file of movie ideas. However, this may be more of a TV show idea but not a series. Even for a movie, it will be very short. I doubt that I could stretch it to as much as thirty minutes. But it is a great idea and it would make a very visual show. That’s all I am going to say for now.

I have a Blu-ray player in this room, my office / living room and it is failing already. This is the second time a Phillips Blu-ray has failed after only a short use. I bought the Philips brand as it was the only one I found that had zoom and slow-motion functions. I was planning on making some YouTube videos on movies, giving my opinion and so forth, not that I have studied movies as a college subject but I though it might make for interesting videos. I am now going to give that up as I will not buy another Philips Blu-ray.

There was no game today and I missed it. I have been sick with a set of loose bowels and have had to stay close to the toilet ever since last Tuesday. I didn’t mention it before as it wasn’t until today that I decided that the subject was not too gross. I mention it now because I seem to have recovered. Doesn’t ill health make great reading?

I am almost done with GENERATIONS UPON GENERATIONS. Not really done, but done with the basic plot. And the ending has nothing to do with my original idea on how this was going to end. Right now the story is just under 30,000 words and I won’t add more than four thousand before I go back and add details, expand weak points and so forth. My goal is 45,000 words. This is how I write, a basic story – what I call my zero draft – and then expanding the story to novel length with detail and expanded sections. This book is a bit light on the word count as I finish the zero draft but I should be able to get it to 45,000 words without padding the story with useless bits.


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