October 8, 2016

October 7, 2016

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I got a lot of writing done today, I wrote for almost four hours straight. And it was all new material for GENERATIONS UPON GENERATIONS, nothing re-written. I am near the end of what I call my “zero draft”, which is a straight through draft without chapters or polishing and once this is done, I will print out the story, chapter it, add details where needed, look for typos and expand where I think my writing needs help. Every time I go through something I have written I find holes, weak spots, typos and so forth.  There is an old saying that poetry is never finished, only abandoned. I feel the same about my writing.

I hate to throw books away but I am going to have to exactly that. I have almost a dozen bookcases full of books and a walk-in closet with books piled high on the floor. I estimate the total is about 4,000 books and I haven’t read over half of them in the last ten years. Time for them to go. I need the space. Plus, I have four or five old computers that need to go as well. If I throw enough books, and other stuff that I don’t use, away I might have room for some real furniture. At present, I have a bed, the bookcases, an entertainment center, two desks and two chairs. Hardly a furnished apartment.

Since it is October, I am already starting to hunt for next year’s calendars. I expect to get some “please donate” calendars from Wounded Warriors and the Commemorative Air Force (formerly the Confederate Air Force but that name caused problems) and I have one “please donate” already from Boys Town. However, I plan on getting at least one more. I have calendars up now on various walls but I want a desk calendar.  Why I want one, I can’t say. My computer desk is crowded and I have a wall calendar on the wall right in front of me. But, for whatever reason, I want a desk calendar.

I’ve been doing research for my next YouTube video and I am just about ready. My last video got a comment and an invitation to view someone else’s video rebutting mine. I feel confident that I can rebut his rebuttal now.


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