October 3, 2016

Creation Sunday, 2016

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This is the Sunday that my church starts the Creation Season with. Normally, in the Episcopal Church this would be a continuation of the Season After Pentecost but my church is doing something different, perhaps as an experiment I don’t know. The Rector gave a enthusiastic sermon that I am sure that he believe, if followed, would do good but which I believe would condemn millions of people to poverty and suffering. However, if I said anything I would be subjected to hate. It is amazing just how mush evil can be grouped under the idea that “I am good, therefore whatever I say is good is indeed good and if you disagree, then you are evil.”

My birthday is this month, the 14th. Not that I am angling for anything, this is just to explain why I am giving myself a present tomorrow. Massages are great and I usually just get a 20-minute back workout but tomorrow I am going for the whole works, from the soles of my feet to the top of my head.

I recently bought the entire HAVE GUN WILL TRAVEL series. I enjoyed it as a child and I enjoy it now. It is an intelligent Western where the gunplay is not the main action, although it happens. The character interaction is what makes the series great. There are modern TV shows that I like, but they are few and as of right now, cancelled.

I will be spending this evening writing. Or rather, re-writing DREADNOUGHT. There is an old saying that “Poetry is never finished, only abandoned.” That is a fair statement of my writing. Every time I look at something I wrote, I see a need to change it. And that is what I am in the middle of doing. I am at about 28,000 words and I have changed about 6,000 more or less in the last few days. Once I am done with the novel, until I see a need to change something, I can start in on HIGH TREASON. The last book in the series does not have a title as of yet but I am thinking of “THE END AND THE BEGINNING.” I will decide once I start actually working on it and not just thinking about it.



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