October 2, 2016

October 1, 2016

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OK, I watched the Thursday night game between the Bengals and the Dolphins yesterday evening. I am glad that the Bengals won but it was an ugly win. A win is a win, but a sloppy win indicates problems.

I spent most of yesterday travelling to the Pima County Elections Department. It wasn’t that it was so far away, it is just that going by public bus takes time. Most of the buss lines run every twenty minutes to half an hour and if you are transferring from one line to another, you could just miss the bus you wanted and have all that extra time to wait. The bus line I needed to use to get to the Election Department is a split line. Every other bus goes where I wanted to go and the busses are twenty minutes apart. I just missed the one I wanted so I had to wait for the other one to go past and then wait some more for the one going where I wanted to go. Over half an hour to just get the bus and about half an hour to get there. Coming back, there was just the one bus but it ran every 40 minutes so there went another hour plus.

Today was a fun day as it was a day for Table-Top Role Playing and this was the Shadowrun week. We had to quit early because of family visiting one of the group, but we got a lot done and had a lot of fun. Fun was something I needed.

I got no writing done yesterday, I slept well which meant that the early morning hours, which I often use for writing, was used for sleeping. Sleep is good. Today I did get a couple of hours in. I spent the time going over what I had already written and corrected several problems. I can never go over anything I have written without changing something. There is an old saying, from whom I forget, that goes: “Poetry is never finished, only abandoned.” And to a large extent, that applies to my writing as well.

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