September 26, 2016

September 26, 2016

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Another day, another post.

Tonight there are two events on television that I want to watch and they are happening at the same time. Lucky me, I have a DVR. I am recording the NFL Monday Night game and will be watching it tomorrow. I will be watching the Presidential “Debate” live. And I deliberately put debate in quotation marks because I was trained in debates back in high school oh those many years ago (roughly 50 years ago). I would welcome a set of real debates where the candidates debate one issue back and forth and then at another event debate another issue and so forth. I do not like these “debates” which are closer to truncated press conferences. Besides, the candidate I support wasn’t invited even though (and probably because) he is more qualified than either Clinton or Trump.

I did get some writing done today but the largest chunk of my day was spent arguing with my phone company about a bill. Something isn’t right with this but I wasn’t able to get it fixed. Well, I kind of got it fixed as a charge was removed but their claim that my bank refused to accept my payment because I had the account number wrong is still hanging. This is a total screwed up situation.

The weather has been nice today, this is the best time to be in Tucson. The days are cool and the nights also. No extremes in either heat or chill. Not that Tucson gets extremely cold but it does drop below freezing in the winter. It rained a little bit today which is always a good event. I don’t know if it rained at the airport where the official weather station is, I will find out in the newspaper tomorrow.

I haven’t made a video for YouTube or Facebook in several days. I have to get back in the habit of getting something out on the various issues. The next video will have a theme of gun control I think. It is an issue I have been thinking about a lot lately.

Another bit of politics I got done was to send an email to both of Arizona’s Senators with the hopes that they will actually act to help American veterans of the Vietnam War who served in Thailand and were sprayed just like those who were in Vietnam itself. I doubt it but I can hope.


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