September 25, 2016

September 24, 2016

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The weather is turning colder and the daylight hours are shrinking. This is a “good thing” as far as I am concerned. Fall is my favorite time of the year in Tucson as the heat is over and winter is coming. I don’t mind the shorter days, I spend most of my time indoors anyway.

Speaking of indoors, the lights in my apartment are failing. Not all of them, just a couple so far but those two are in my main room. I need to go Monday and get a new bulb for the one and I hope that fixes it and the other I need to do some electrical work. The lamp in question is part of a circuit and it is the only item in the circuit that has failed, and changing the bulb doesn’t fix it, so I know that there is something weird going on. I haven’t done electrical (or electronic for that matter) work in at least a couple of decades so I will have to be extra careful that I forget some safety procedure and get shocked. House current can kill.

The forum I attended last Wednesday was a joke. There was supposed to be representatives from the four political parties recognized by Pima County and only three showed up. The audience was supposed to be the people of the local area and thus a mix of parties but the few that showed up were almost all of one specific party. The format of the forum was flawed as well, since no one got a chance to respond to what the others said. Granted, we only had an hour but it was still a pain to listen to someone say something that could be refuted. Oh well, it is done and over so crying about it does no good.

I am having a problem with my phone/internet provider. They say I made a specific payment that was returned and I made a slightly different payment that was accepted. And for their mistake they are trying to charge me $10. I tried clearing this up through email and I just got a reply saying, basically, “we didn’t make a mistake, pay up.” Business hours Monday I will have to call and raise hell. I can prove my case, but it seems that my email did not convince them so I will have to provide more detail and be more emphatic.

I need to get more exercise and now that the temperature has dropped, I will start walking more in the evening. I walk what I call a grand block, from the corner of two main, or secondary main, streets to another main street, to a third and then back to my start. Each segment is about a quarter mile, 400 meters, so I do a mile in total. I push when I walk so that I get some real exercise, I am not just engaged in a stroll.


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