September 25, 2016

19th Sunday after Pentecost, 2016

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Watched the Bengals lose again. For some reason the Bengals just cannot get their teamwork together this year. They are not the “Bungles” of old, just not the Bengals of recent years. With a record so far of one win and two losses this season is not off to a good start. What else can I say?

I have been slacking off somewhat of late, politics has kept me busy so almost no writing and what writing I have done is rewriting. Of the eleven characters that were prominent in the first book I have killed off four of them in a behind-the-scenes manner. I did try to kill one in a book but I cold never make the story work. I am doing this, in part, to show that military service, then as now, is dangerous even without war. The only time I got shot at during my military service was far from the front lines; and it was done by a bunch of foolish Security Police – the USAF version of the Army’s Military Police. I still get the occasional nightmare about the incident.

I had a guest editorial published in the local newspaper last Wednesday and I have been getting favorable comments about it, including several at church today. Feedback that shows that I was able to get people to think. That is all I could reasonably hope for. Converting people would be a bonus.

There is a video on YouTube where a “Dead Abe Lincoln” talks about both Clinton and Trump. Great political ad, it went viral. I recommend it to anyone interested in American Presidential Politics. It has never been commercial, it has only been a Facebook post and a YouTube video, neither require paid time to air. And it is one of the most watched political ads, if not the most watched, around. I have a couple of gripes about it, for one Lincoln hated being called Abe, but it is still great.

The weather in Tucson is great now. Warm days and cool nights. The heat of the summer is over and the chill of winter hasn’t arrived yet. I am glad that Tucson rarely gets snow, my youth (until age eleven) was in Indianapolis Indiana and the summers there, as I remember them, were hot and sticky with temperatures and relative humidity on the 90’s and the winters were harsh; plus, the last two years of my USAF active duty were in Plattsburgh New York were the winters were brutal. I can stand the summer heat by staying indoors as much as I can and the winter chill be dressing warmer. We do get cold nights and the homeless suffer but we don’t get snow piled several feet high. One reason I enjoy Tucson so much.


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