September 18, 2016

18th Sunday after Pentecost, 2016

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I just got done watching the Cincinnati Bengals lose to the Pittsburg Steelers. The Bengals did not play well, not as bad as the “Bungles” days but no where near what they have been playing these last few years. I guess I will be philosophical and say that everyone has an off day. My family was living in Loveland Ohio in 1967 when I joined the USAF. Loveland is a suburb of Cincinnati and the Bengals were forming. So I have been a fan since day one, Bengals and Bungles. Indeed, at least twice during their nadir I suggested to the management that they swap the players and the secretarial staff in order to win more games. I stayed a fan the entire time so I had earned the right to be snarky.

Tucson is in the desert, I have mentioned that before, and so the summers are hot here; but, as the local saying goes, it is a dry heat – like an oven. My apartment has refrigeration for air conditioning, the other method is swamp cooling, and I have basically shut off the AC for the season. I turn it on occasionally if my apartment is stuffy or if it does get hot but otherwise I just leave it off. I will be saving a lot in my electricity bills as a result. The winters get cold here on a few nights a winter season but I don’t turn on the heater. I can dress warmly and use an electric blanket at night if I need to. I haven’t used the heater in perhaps fifteen years if not more. If I ever move away from Tucson, to somewhere where there is a real winter, that won’t work. So, among the many reasons I will stay in Tucson, that is one of the strongest.

I am getting so involved with politics that I begin to wonder if I will have time for anything else, at least until the General Election. I am an elected official that no one has voted for, three times. I am a precinct committeeman, actually the entire committee, for the Libertarian Party. Since I ran unopposed three times, the Pima County Board of Supervisors, who run the elections for the county, just declared me the winner and cancelled the election for the post. But, because I am elected I can hold a party office and I do. And I do a lot of work for the party. Look at my Facebook page or the Pima County Libertarian Party’s Facebook page or my YouTube channel and you will see an increasing number of videos I do to explain the libertarian philosophy. (Facebook and YouTube are under my proper name – Christopher Cole) Writing and filming them does take some time. I don’t write a script but bullet points so that saves some time but still, it takes time to formulate what I want to say. I never get it right on the first take for any of the videos so that adds time. When I started doing these videos I just did them for YouTube but after I has several up, I realized that I could put them on Facebook so I have been putting the older videos on Facebook most days and when I do a new one, it goes everywhere. Once I am caught up, I will start churning out videos more often.


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