September 17, 2016

September 16, 2016

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Politics all day today. This morning I attended the monthly meeting of the Pima County Election Integrity Commission which went from 9 AM to just after 11 AM, then home and working on an editorial I am writing and rewriting for the Arizona Daily Star. And between now and November 8, the date of the General Election, it will probably just get worse.

I posted a new video to YouTube and both Facebook pages. For those not in America, the Commission on Presidential Debates is a commission owned and operated by the Democrats and Republicans to control the Presidential Debates. They do this for the benefit of the two parties, not the American public. And today they announced that only Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump would be allowed to debate at their event. Big surprise there. Even though over two-thirds of Americans want Gary Johnson on the debate stage, even though Gary Johnson polls enough in the selected polls the Commission uses to be statistically equal to the criteria set, the Commission said no. Big surprise here. The commission is protecting their bosses, the commission does not dare allow Gary Johnson to debate. If Gary Johnson were on the stage he would show just how empty the Democrats and Republicans are. That was the essence of my video.

When I retired from the USAF I went looking for work in the civilian market and didn’t really find it. I got a couple of temporary jobs but nothing substantial and lasting. The closest I cam was with the Census Bureau but there I wasn’t offered a position that gave me the hours I wanted. So, after several years of age discrimination, and I complained to the Federal Government but they refused to do anything, I just gave up and considered myself retired. I wasn’t busy at first but now I am busier than I have been since I left active duty in 1987. None of it pays however. Which is why I have been posting my writing on my other blog, I hoped to get comments that would help me polish my writing so that I could get published. Nobody wants to comment it seems. The only comments I get are from my brother and he doesn’t comment at the blog, he does it by email.

Ah well, life goes on and what I want (what anyone wants) is not necessarily what I get.

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