September 14, 2016

September 13, 2016

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If you have read ENTRANCE EXAMINATION or DREADNOUGHT you will notice that in the Empire, especially in the Imperial Navy, titles are always used, or almost always. When someone does not use a title, it is noticed and considered bad manners. In GENERATIONS UPON GENERATIONS I have to go back through what I have written and insert titles where I have not put them in where appropriate. I just went through what I have and corrected the title of one of the major characters and now I have to go through the draft again. I wish I had gotten it right the first time, I do not like having to go back through and correct my mistakes. I do like, somewhat, going through what I have written and proofreading the text. I find it easier for me to catch mistakes when I read hard copy. But I am a product of my youth when I would read books as often as I could. Now I still read but usually it is on my e-book reader.

I have other writing projects that I am doing, mostly political. So I don’t spend all day on my novel, I also work on scripts for my YouTube videos and editorials and letters to the editor. Not that the Arizona Daily Star publishes what I write very often but I do try to get my viewpoint heard. I sit at my desk and work with my computer far too much. I need to get more exercise.

Speaking of exercise, I have to start back up with my walks. I walk around what I term a “grand block” or along the major streets regardless of how many streets are between the major streets. It is warm enough that I do not need anything extra but cool enough that I do not have to worry about heat exhaustion or such.  I just need to get started.

It amazes me just how much the stuff I have limits me. Thoreau had a point but I am not ready to throw out all of my books. My old computers maybe, but I love books too much to do more than thin my personal library. I have ten bookcases, one of which is a half case with only three shelves, that are full and I have a walk-in closet that has its floor covered with stacks of books. I could probably get rid of perhaps two-thirds of my books. I am no longer interested in Naval books but my interest in airplanes is as great as ever. I have a nice collection of science-fiction and fantasy fiction and a few books on writing. Also, I have some books on politics. Everything else should go.


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