September 11, 2016

17th Sunday after Pentecost, 2016

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The Bengals won. It was a cliff-hanger of a game and I thought that the Bengals were going to revert to the Bungles at the start but they pulled it out.

I looked at my recent posts, the titles anyway, and discovered a sad fact. I am not getting a post a day like I intend. I’ll have to work harder.

I have mentioned that I have Type 2 diabetes and am on insulin. I have also mentioned that I saw my doctor recently. Well, he changed my insulin dosage and I am having hypoglycemia events. Friday, after the EIC meeting should be over, I have a phone consult with the clinic pharmacist and maybe will get the evening dose reduced a bit.

September 11, 2001. Fifteen years ago today and just under 3,000 people were murdered by Muslim terrorists. One web site I visit for news articles listed every name as a reminder. The event was remembered at church this morning, not blatantly but still mentioned. If I had thought about it in time, I would liked to have read the names of the murdered off but I doubt that the congregation would have liked it as it would have taken too long.

Up this morning, write a little, go to church, watch the football game (I recorded it), write this post and that has been my day so far. I might watch another football game, the Sunday night one, because there isn’t much else on TV Sunday nights that I would want to watch. I stopped watching America’s Funniest Home Videos long ago. After all, how many time can you watch a gut getting hit in the groin and laugh? Or watch a kid fall down and laugh? And yet I love slapstick. I guess the difference is that slapstick is planned and AFV is not.

September already. Month number nine and almost halfway through it. I can remember a saying that for youth the years drag and the days pass swiftly and for the ole it is the reverse. I sit here typing this blog post and wonder where the year went. It seems like it should be no later than March. And yet summer is almost over, here in Tucson the hot days don’t really end until October, usually towards the end.

Now that the children in my apartment complex are back in school, I may start painting some of the TTRPG miniature figures I have. It won’t be too cold to pain in the daytime when the light is good and I won’t have to worry about the kids taking a figure or paint bottle or otherwise interfering. I used to paint a lot but I have gotten out of the habit so my skill has atrophied somewhat. I painted a figure a few months ago and it was horrible. With luck, I will have my hand and eye back quickly. I just have to remember that painting skill runs in the family. But, when I do think of that, I come to the conclusion that the talent skipped me. My artistry is in words.


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