September 8, 2016

September 7, 2016

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It rained almost all day today and it was a good soaking rain, the sort that refreshes the water table. And I will repeat myself, a good soaking rain is news here in Tucson because we are in a desert – the Upper Sonoran Desert. What we get in a year is probably what most parts of America get in a month. It is hot and dry, but I love it here. However, today was neither hot nor dry but I still love it here. I haven’t seen the total rainfall for today, and I won’t until tomorrow morning when I read the newspaper, but since September averages something around 1″ (2.5 cm) for the whole month, we may have had a month’s worth of rain in just the one day.

I can state that I am still staying away from colas although not all sodas. I had a lemon-lime soda earlier today to stave off hypoglycemia. With the new insulin levels I inject myself with, primarily the evening shot, I am having more bouts of hypoglycemia or near-hypoglycemia than I have had for years. I’ve had four in the last two weeks and prior to that, four in the previous five years. My body is messed up. I should have taken better care when I was younger but “should have” is a sorry and meaningless thought.

I didn’t do any writing today unless thinking out the plot of the next book counts. I have the start, the major plot lines and the villain all thought through – I just haven’t given the villain a name yet. I’ll be going through a baby name book and selecting a suitably villainous name just before I start writing. I just have to think the ending through and start writing and I’ll start once GENERATIONS UPON GENERATIONS is through.

I have several old computers, four or five I think, but one in particular is troublesome. I don’t use any of the old computers, this one is the oldest one I use. But the one just before this one has a lot of material on the hard drive that I was copying in small batches. One file that I hadn’t transferred to this one is a copy of a lease contract between the City of Tucson and a specific business and the City gains nothing from the lease and pays $50,000 a year and has for decades. I want to provide a copy to the young man who will be running for City Council on the Libertarian ticket. It will be good ammunition for his campaign.


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