September 7, 2016

September 6, 2016

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I did get some writing done today, but not much. I also spoke to the Pima County Board of Supervisors on their bad management of the taxpayer’s money. Plus I got a video done for YouTube and posted it on YouTube and the two Facebook pages. And with the time it takes to get anywhere on the bus in Tucson, that has been my day.

I gave myself a treat for lunch. There is a new Thai restaurant downtown and I had lunch there after leaving the Board of Supervisors meeting. I had a nice meal that was a bit more expensive than what I ordinarily eat when I eat out but it was worth it. My waitress was of Thai descent and I remembered how to say “Hello” in Thai. I also remembered, after a bit, a couple of other phrases and one joke that I didn’t tell her. Not that the joke was dirty or racist or anything like that, it is just that I didn’t think she would understand. I would tell it here but I doubt anyone here would understand it, unless you live in or are from the American South. If asked, I will tell it.

It looks like it is getting ready to rain here. Now, maybe that wouldn’t be important where you live, but Tucson is in a desert. We are ahead of the thirty-year average but slightly behind where we were at this time last year. And there are a lot more people living here than there were thirty years ago. When I was first stationed here, in 1971, the Santa Cruz River flowed but sine then the water table has been lowered so much that it does not flow above ground anymore. Same with all the rivers in the County. The world’s population is too large and especially that portion that lives in Pima County. Not that I advocate killing off any part of the population, who gets to decide who gets killed and who stays alive? There has to be another way to shrink the population. And if someone can come up with a way to do that without killing people or committing violence against them in other ways such as forced sterilization, I would be happy to learn it.

If more people read my other blog and commented on my writing I would be glad. I remember reading many years ago that most writers are insecure and it is a mystery why these insecure people chose to be writers where the rejection rate is so high. I do want to get my writing published, either self-published or the conventional publishing. I keep flipping between the two. I am of an age that I grew up when self-publishing was not quite respectable. And, although I know that self-publishing is now respectable, the mental ruts of my early years are hard to get out of.


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