September 4, 2016

16th Sunday after Pentecost, 2016

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I spent most of the day so far, after church, writing an guest editorial for the Arizona Daily Star. I had a lot to say in 600 words or less but I finished in at 590. These posts I write n a stream-of-consciousness style but when it is important, I write and rewrite and often seek the opinion of others. Not that I value my own opinion so little but it is nice to have a different viewpoint looking at something since they might catch something I missed. It is called “second opinion” when you do it with doctors and I see no reason to not call it that for writers.

The next two and a half weeks are going to be tough for me. It is the last of the heavy electricity months and the start of the football season so there is an extra charge so I can be sure of watching the Cincinnati Bengals. Because of the overlap, money is tight for me. I will have to make sure that I only buy what I absolutely need. I did get a slow cooker so I can start making beef stew on a routine basis. I think I have mentioned in the past that my nose does not work right, I can smell very few things and of the few things I can smell I like the smell of even fewer. Since the sense of taste is so closely linked with smell, I have a bland sense of smell. I go by texture rather than taste for most things, thus the beef stew. Beef stew has a wonderful mix of textures all wrapped into one dish. Plus, I can make a batch and save most of it for later. When I had my previous slow cooker I would eat most of the stew right away and save very little, that is going to change.

After I posted yesterday I thought about the last book in my space series. I thought about continuing the series but with some other main character but decided against it. When I was creating the background for this series I envisioned a second empire rising on the ashes of the first after a period of civil war / barbarism. But the length of time I was planning for the civil war to last meant that there would not be a main character I could hang the stories on and besides, the only unifying thread I could think of for the civil war stories was that smaller governments mean smaller wars and without an overriding Imperial government no world could destroy another world. The ships to do that level of destruction are just too expensive. Kind of like why Honduras does not have missile armed nuclear submarines. And if I start with the second empire then I have the problem of letting this empire overcome the reasons that killed the first one. So, the fifth book in the series is going to be the last. Two other novels I have been working on slightly are one-off novels, no series. I have a fantasy series that I started years ago and let die that I might start up again. Fourteen books and I would be shooting for about 50,000 words each. That should last the rest of my life as I am 66 years old now and each of the fourteen books should take several months to finish. Maybe somewhere around the age of 80 or so I should have them finished and be working on something else. I have ideas that I haven’t started so I could keep writing for several decades even if I never come up with another idea, and I come up with ideas all the time – I just have to discard most of them.


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