September 3, 2016

September 3, 2016

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Today I did not play TTRPG with my friends. Instead, I spent the morning auditing the recent Primary Election. The process is to take randomly selected precincts and races and hand count the ballots to see if the hand count matches the machine count. Hand count audits are a great way of helping ensure that the election was not rigged in some way. Each auditor wore a colored smock to show what political party they were a member of. This was to make sure that no one party dominated the auditing of any precinct. At the table I worked at there were members of all four parties recognized by Pima County. Republicans wore red, Democrats wore blue, Libertarians wore yellow and Greens wore green. We had trouble with one race in the precinct we audited. Try as we could, we could not make the count of that race match the machine count. If I remember right, Arizona law says that the audit is the official count.

I got one good joke in, albeit a bad joke. Brad Nelson the Elections Department Chair called for the two major parties to start putting one person at each table. I called out that the major parties were the Libertarian and Green parties, and that the Democrats and Republicans were the old parties. It got a few laughs but no groans. And groans are the hallmark of a bad joke.

After that was done, I had to dash to get something to eat as I was starting to feel the symptoms of hypoglycemia. There were a few fast food places and I got to one I like and had lunch. Then I had a long wait for the bus and a somewhat long walk from the bus stop where I got off to home. I took a nap since I hadn’t slept well last night and read email. I get a lot of email especially now during the political season. I get email from all sides, I still get some from Sanders as well as the various Democratic and Republican candidates. Once the election is over I think my email count will go down by a good two-thirds.

One of the Libertarians at the audit is planning to run for the Tucson City Council next year, Ward 3. I plan on helping as much as I can on that in addition to my videos and my blogs and my writing. When one is retired, one is supposed to sit in a rocking chair and be bored all day, what happened? I’m busier now than when I was on active duty I think.



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