September 2, 2016

September 1, 2016

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Well, I am starting September trying to do a better job of posting daily. I didn’t check to see how many time I missed in August, I know I missed some so I intend to improve in September.

I spent most of today running around getting little things done that have to be done at the start of the month. The owner of my apartment complex is a non-profit agency trying to help former prisoners and mental patients adjust to the outside. Thus, they don’t take checks. Which means I have to stop by the bank and get a money order. Luckily, my bank does not charge me for money orders. It is just the time involved. I did a little grocery shopping and did some laundry as well. I tried to set an appointment for a specialty doctor at the VA but my phone is so bad (I am one of the dozen or so people who bought a Windows phone) that I had trouble connecting and the one time I did connect I couldn’t hear the person I was talking to, and then the call dropped. So, I didn’t post a chapter on my other blog, today but I will get it up tomorrow.

Saturday I will be helping with the audit of the election just held here in Arizona. A small sample of ballots, too small in my opinion when dealing with the mail-in and early ballots, will be checked against what the machine says. It isn’t hard work, but it is vital, and I get paid. What I get paid is the same regardless of whether the audit takes one hour or twenty hours.

Tucson has a streetcar, Farley’s Folly, a modern trolley that basically goes nowhere. I rode it today, my third time doing so in the year and change it has been around, and I paid attention to the passengers. It had more passengers than I ever saw before but it was still less than a quarter full and a lot of the passengers never paid the fare. The driver is closed off in the front and there are several kiosks where you can tap your card to pay the fare. I buy a monthly pass that is good for the busses and the trolley but while one can pay cash on the bus, one cannot pay cash on the trolley. And it costs money to get the card that stores the value, either a cash amount or a daily amount, so a lot of people don’t get one. Now they will have to. I forget what the cards cost but it is cheap.

When I went on inactive duty back in 1987, the clerk who gave me my retirement briefing told me that 50% of all military retirees died within seven years, 50% of the survivors died within twenty years, and finally, 50% of the survivors never collected Social Security. I beat all three of those 50% death rates – I should have taken better care of myself. Between my knees, my left ankle, my back, my high blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes and now my thumb, I am becoming a wreck.


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