August 30, 2016

August 29, 2016

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I did a new video and posted it on YouTube and the Facebook pages of myself and the Pima County Libertarian Party. I invite you to watch my videos and see if you agree with me. If not, maybe we can discuss the issue. There are at least a dozen channels Christopher Cole so either look for my face, all my videos are of the “talking head” type, or try a title. INITIATING VIOLENCE was my first video.

I didn’t do any writing but I spent my time working on HIGH TREASON. I know who is doing the treason and why Elder gets caught up in it. Naturally, since he is the hero of the series, he stops the treason from succeeding. All it will cost him is his wife; although, that may change.

Tomorrow is Primary Election Day here in Arizona. We will be voting for all political offices except for the President. The Libertarian Party has several write-in candidates, we couldn’t get anyone on the printed ballot as the signature requirements are too high for us to easily get. The Legislature changed the formula used to compute how many signatures are needed and while the number for the Republicans and Democrats didn’t change much (big surprise) for the Libertarian and Green Parties it changed a lot.

Tomorrow I will vote early in the morning, then head downtown to support John Brakey in his suit to make elections more transparent and verifiable, then a nap and down to the Elections Department to supervise the counting of the ballots. I should get home at the crack of dawn. More screwed up sleep.

The brace on my right hand is making it hard for me to type. With luck, either I won’t need it long, or I will get used to it.


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