August 28, 2016

August 27, 2016

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Saturday evening or me and I just got home from my weekly game. This week being Shadowrun. Next Saturday I will be working to help audit the Primary Election here in Pima County. I will spend my morning there and perhaps some of the afternoon as well, but probably not.

The Shadowrun game today was interesting. I find these table-top role-playing games fun. Plus, I can get ideas for stories from them, if I just had the energy to write as much as I used to. Shadowrun, if you are unfamiliar with the genre, is a science-fiction and fantasy setting set in a dystopian future where corporations are independent nations and dragons, elves, dwarves, troll, etc. all exist and live together. Magic exists, thus the fantasy aspect, as does some of the weirdest technology science-fiction has invented. The character I play is a female dwarf who is a mage. The game today was rescuing an elf and an artifact and smuggling them back to Seattle, the home base of the campaign. There was only the one fight and we were able to talk our way around a couple of other fights. Fighting can get your character killed. But combat is a lot of fun to play. It isn’t fun in real life but pretend is fun.

Before I went to the game I did get some writing done. I don’t have the energy to write for hours at a stretch anymore, although I do hope to get that level of energy back.

I am still avoiding colas, and sugar sodas. For me it is now either ice tea or just plain water. Since I do not have much in the way of a sense of taste, both are fine for me. For my meals I tend to go for texture instead of taste as I can tell the difference between textures but rarely between tastes. There are a few things that I can smell / taste and even fewer that I like. I do like a specific brand fo single malt Scotch – The Glen Levit. On the occasions I buy a bottle, I will pour a drink late in the morning and set the glass next to my computer. I will sip on the drink until probably around 2 PM. I won’t go later because of my blood sugar test and the need to avoid food and drink that might increase my blood sugar levels for at least two hours before the test. Diabetes is a pain.


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