August 27, 2016

August 26, 2016

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This is harder than usual since I am wearing a brace on my right hand with support for my thumb. When I was at the doctor’s yesterday I mentioned that my right thumb is sore. So I had x-rays taken of the hand and a hand brace ordered. I was expecting something that would just go on the thumb since such a device was given me for a finger on my left hand to use while I sleep. Instead, I got a hand brace with wrapping for my thumb. This will take some getting used to. I got this brace this morning.

I barely got this week’s chapter transcribed after I got home from the doctor’s. Luckily, this chapter is a short one. I did get one video uploaded to my Facebook page and the PCLP Facebook page this morning. So far I haven’t gotten comments where I want them but I did get one here showing concern for my health. One reason for my videos is to start conversations and another is to inspire thought. I may be inspiring thought but no conversations.

It looks like it might rain here in Tucson, and for a desert that is always welcome. I looked at the annual rain totals in the paper this morning and saw an unusual sight. For the year we are about one inch (3 cm) ahead of the 30-year average but for the month we are about one inch behind. We have just under one month left in the summer rainy season and then it will be dry until late November or early December when the winter rainy season starts. It actually is a rainy season here for about half the year but the total rainfall is only about 12-inches (30 cm) spread out between the two seasons and some scattered in at other times.

I am originally from Indiana where the rain and snow totals are much greater but Tucson is my home now. I sometimes wonder what my life would be like if my family had not had to move to San Diego for my youngest brother’s health. (He got better, he is now a retired Warrant Officers in the USMC) I might have been an Episcopal priest, or perhaps a lawyer. But that is just daydreaming and the sort of daydreaming that does not produce stories. Except for ENTRANCE EXAMINATION all of my stories are from daydreaming and daydreaming is usually how I work on the plot. I just sir back or lay back and let my mind go while keeping it as much on the subject as possible.


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