August 25, 2016

August 24, 2016

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I got a video I made for YouTube posted on my Facebook page and the Facebook page of the Pima County Libertarian Party. I haven’t heard back from the State Party on posting on their page yet but I have my hopes. I haven’t had any comments on YouTube yet and I want to have discussions on the issues. I haven’t had much in the way of comments here but that I can understand since this is just a slice-of-life blog with little in the way of deep thoughts. I haven’t had comments on my writing either and I started for comments that might help me improve my writing.

Speaking of my writing, I did get some done today and my ideas on the next book are coming more often. I think I am getting back into form but I don’t want to get prematurely optimistic on that. A lot of what I have been doing is rewriting various sections of the book, not increasing the total word count but making it better I hope. I read some time ago, a long time ago, that poetry is never finished it is only abandoned. I make changes every time I read what I have written so I guess that idea applies to my prose as well.

I see the doctor tomorrow afternoon. I like the VA medical system but there are times that I get frustrated. The doctor I had quit and I saw a stranger last December. My routine follow-ups are supposed to be every 6 months because of my diabetes but I must have slipped into a crack since I had to go down and personally make the appointment once it became obvious that a follow-up was not scheduled. I went down because I could not get through on the phone. Anyway, I see the doctor tomorrow. Which is a good thing because I have run out of two of my medications and I am worried that I may have thyroid problems. WebMD is a good site for information but it does not provide a valid diagnosis.

I am sticking with the no cola pledge. And I have a problem since if I am going to drink a sugar-free drink, it has to be a cola if I get it at the Circle K next door. I could get something at the grocery but that is a long walk away. Yes, I should do long walks for the exercise but doing a long walk carrying groceries, including sodas, is tiring. I grocery shop during the day when the busses run.

I hardly ever watch TV anymore. I’ll watch the Cincinnati Bengals games and once the tournament season is over I will go back to watching a couple of game shows I like but the only new show I liked got cancelled and I have no schedule of older shows like HAVE GUN WILL TRAVEL or MAVERICK that I liked many years ago when they were first broadcast and which I liked in reruns. I have even got out of the habit of watching the late news before going to bed.

I guess that the lethargy I feel is strong enough to put a dent in a lot of things I do.


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