August 21, 2016

August 20,2016

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I just got home less than an hour ago after spending the day with friends. I have mentioned before that I play TTRPGs and that my gaming group was starting a campaign of D&D 5e. Well, that is what we played today. I like it much better than D&D 4e, there are few things I do not like more than D&D 4e. The system seems quick and easy, with very fast pacing. We play Shadowrun next Saturday and then I am helping audit the Primary election coming on Tuesday so there will be no game that Saturday.

Pima County pledged $15 million to help a balloon ride company so that the company would build their headquarters here in the County. Nobody outside of the company knows their business plan and so any estimate of their ability to repay is a joke. The Goldwater Institute has sued the County claiming that the contract is a violation of the State Constitution. I happen to agree with the Institute. I mention this because the first court date is this upcoming Monday and I intend to be in the courtroom watching.

I did not get a good nights sleep but while awake I did get some writing done. Not a lot but at least I feel that I accomplished something. I know why the events in GENERATIONS UPON GENERATIONS happen and I have an idea of how the book is going to end. I am at about 27,000 words now and I want to get up to about 48,000. If I can stop being so lethargic I can have it done before I start to post it on Then I start in on HIGH TREASON. Once that and the last book (title not selected yet) are done I will probably resume on MAGIC IN THE MONASTERY because that is a single, stand-alone, book. I think about that one on occasion and it needs a major re-write.

I remember writing a blog post yesterday, talking about what I did, but I cannot find it. I cannot remember what I said, these posts tend to be “stream-of-consciousness” so there is no script or anything like that, so re-writing it is useless. I must have accidently trashed it.

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