August 20, 2016

August 18, 2016

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I was busy today, I got up and went out for breakfast at a nice little café named the Ajo Café. From there I walked the short distance and attended the monthly Pima County Election Integrity meeting. That lasted until almost noon when I came home, dropped off my EIC material and went shopping. I didn’t get much but enough to last a couple of days. I will go to the Commissary on Monday and stock up for the remainder of the month.

I did get Chapter 4 of DREADNOUGHT posted yesterday and that took a long time. As I mentioned, I did laundry as a way to take a break from transcribing. That transcribing took me until the early evening. I watched some anime until I went to bed around midnight. I slept well, that is three days in a row so I must be doing something right. I just hope that the streak continues. At 66 years old and with sleep apnea I shouldn’t expect miracles but I can dream of them.

I have around 4,000 books of various ages. Most of these I no longer read but I have never liked the idea of throwing books away but I have to start doing it now. I am buying various videos and I need the space. I still buy books but not as many as I used to. Since I have unusual taste in my reading, I am not going to recommend anything to you, nor am I going to rescue any of these books by sending them to a reading program. Even those in the best condition are in lousy condition; except for the new books of course. What books will I keep? probably more than I should if I am doing a major housecleaning. Aircraft books, science fiction and fantasy books, books on TTRPGs and books on writing are what I intend to keep. Which means I will be getting rid of a lot of history, but probably not all, and general fiction books. I don’t have a lot of general fiction books as general fiction never interested me.

I haven’t put a video up on YouTube for a while and I need to get caught up. I intend to post my videos on my own Facebook page and the page of the Pima County Libertarian Party and perhaps the State Party as well if I can get authorization. Just as I want comments on my writing to help me improve, I want comments on my videos to help sharpen my thoughts and find mistakes. I really need to overcome the lethargy that has held me for quite a while now. Once I have some energy I can clean out the books I no longer want, get the videos up and get my writing going well. I have dreams and goals but not the energy to accomplish them. I see the doctor next Thursday and with some luck, I will find out what is wrong with me.


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