August 18, 2016

August 17, 2016

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Just checked and I was right. I missed two days both Monday and Tuesday. Monday I have no excuse for, it was just another day for me with nothing really going on other than my writing. Tuesday, however, I can make an excuse for – for what it is worth. The Pima County Libertarian Party monthly meeting happened that day and the Libertarian Party candidate for US Senate was there to give a presentation. I hurried to get there as I wanted to meet her. And I posted a YouTube video instead of this blog; and when I got home from the meeting, I forgot that I was short a post. Oh well. With luck I won’t miss any more.

Today was payday for me, I get two a month. Today was Social Security and it is about half my military retirement pay but I don’t have as many bills due at this time of the month. But I was running around getting various things done and wasting time on the bus. I paid off my VA bill and got a nice back rub and got enough quarters so that I can do laundry tomorrow. Tomorrow I post the next chapter in DREADNOUGHT so laundry will take the place of YouTube for breaks in transcribing. I still do not like transcribing but I see no alternative.

At the Party meeting last night we had some new people and they wanted to help, in addition to the US Senate candidate. She is not on the ballot  for the general election yet. She must get 7,000 write-in votes in the primary on the 30th in order to make it to the general election. She spoke on one issue that, once I get the information from her, I will be doing my own videos on. The issue is that the Federal Government pays each State to take your children away from you. This is in Title 4 of the US Code. I couldn’t look it up today and I haven’t gotten the information from her but I will look into this and read the Title and her information once I get it.

There was one elected Libertarian in Pima County, and I say was even though he is still in office. His term ends at the end of this year and he is not running for re-election. He will run for County Party Chair and he intends to grow the Party and get us more active. I support him. The present Chair just has too much to do at his civilian workplace to get much done. I do what I can, I will go just about anywhere to speak with any group and I regularly chew out the Board of Supervisors. So there is that.

I am not going to say my sleeping problems are fixed but I have had two good nights in a row. Maybe the way to go is to stay up late instead of going to bed early in the evening. Monday night and Tuesday night I stayed up late and slept for hours longer than I have anytime recently.

I try to keep my YouTube videos at five minutes or less but the one I just posted – Why Government Programs do not work – is well over six minutes. I get a few views on each one but no one has started a comment thread yet and I am sad about that. I welcome debate on these issues.

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