August 14, 2016

August 13, 2016

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Friday the 13th came on a Saturday this month; or, according to the early Garfield comic strips, Monday the 13th came on a Saturday this month. As much as I like Garfield, and I still have a lot of the early books but they are pretty worn out, I haven’t followed the strip for several years. Maybe I should buy all the books, get caught up, and follow Garfield again. I wonder what ever happened to the original owner of Odie. Within a year of showing up and moving in, he disappeared and, as far as I know, it is completely without a trace. But I have enough web comics I follow, keeping up with Garfield may be too much.

I got very little sleep last night. With the game group meeting today I never got the second sleep period and I have been up since a little after midnight and it is now, as I write this, 6:45 PM MST. I have to dig out the CPAC machine tomorrow and clean it up and start using it.

I watched the Cincinnati Bengals lose to the Minnesota Vikings by one point. They started good but failed to score on the first drive and then went through a period of play where they got nothing right. At the end the Bengals got the score 17 Vikings 16 Bengals. Instead of kicking the extra point and tying the game they went for two points and failed. And that was the final score. At least it was a preseason game so it doesn’t count for the standings.

The gaming session today was just exploring the game system and finishing off the characters. Well, for the most part finishing them off, I am planning to do some rework based upon what I learned today. We start play in earnest next week.

My YouTube videos are gathering a small number of views. Not very many but I am hoping that as I add videos the entire group of them will get more. I do ask, politely, that you go over to YouTube and have a look – and make comments on what I say as a “talking head” on the various subjects.

I got a comment on ENTERANCE EXAMINATION but not on the blog itself. I visited the blog of someone who liked the first chapter and commented on his writing. In reply to my comment is where he made his. The comments section is pristine and I don’t want that. I don’t want it here either. I read various other blogs and, although I do not like to make recommendations, I recommend a blogger named Roberta Pimental. She has various pages and she is a good blogger. She has caused me to think on several occasions. I hope I get people to think with my YouTube videos.

I am staying with the cola boycott. I drink more water than is perhaps recommended, roughly a four to five quarts (1.1 liters). Since I don’t have much in the way of a sense of taste, the lack of taste doesn’t bother me. My nose does not work right, a genetic defect, and so since the sense of taste relies on the sense f smell, I rarely smell or taste anything. I go by texture when I determine if I like something. I love beef stew.


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