August 13, 2016

August 12, 2016

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I just finished writing a nice post and had to trash it. I wasn’t writing a post but a new page. I have to pay better attention to what I am doing.

So, I posted another chapter in DREADNOUGHT yesterday. I don’t like having to transcribe m writing to the blog to post it, I wish there was a way that I could just transfer my documents to the blog. But, as far as I know, there is none so I transcribe. I take a break every few paragraphs and watch YouTube videos as a relaxer. I like the channel on Magic Secrets Revealed. I saw the original series when it first aired and I enjoy watching them again. I am going to have to attend a live performance sometime soon as the videos have started my interest up again.

I still am not sleeping well. I get a few hours, then am awake for a few hours and then sleep again. This is disrupting my schedule. Today my second sleep period took me close to noon. I get some writing done during the early morning hours between the sleep periods but I don’t like what I have done and usually redo it. Not just rewriting but redoing. I didn’t write last night and just did the non-writing stuff like check email and visit the web comics I enjoy and so forth. I have a CPAC machine that I am suppose to use and I should start using it again. I stopped because of illness and just never got around to starting it again. Maybe using it will help my sleep.

I did work this afternoon on a new character. I mentioned that on Saturdays we are going to alternate campaigns between Shadowrun and D&D 5e. The character I worked on is for the D&D 5e campaign. I have been invited to join in a D&D 3.5e campaign during the week. I am interested and I definitely like the D&D 3.5e rules. But I have been thinking about this. Trying to keep three different rule sets current in my mind may be more than my brain can take. Plus, it has been a while since playing D&D 3.5e. I will have to think further on this.

I am sticking with my no cola attempt. I don’t feel any different but who knows. I do wonder why all the things that are enjoyable are in some way bad for us. It wouldn’t be a campaign to stop us from having fun would it? I remember reading several years ago an article about the psychology of authoritarian types and that they rare like people having fun as it was harder to control people having fun than people being miserable, which is why I wonder.

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