August 9, 2016

August 9, 2016

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I have mentioned several times that I chew out the Pima County Board of Supervisors, and that they deserve it. There is a flap going on now that is hilarious if you are not part of it. Some reporters who apparently are allies of Chuck Huckleberry the County Administrator in his war to keep cronyism in place, are going after the one Supervisor who seems determined to clean up the county even though she is outnumbered four-to-one. Supervisor Miller is a Tea Party Republican and is one of two Republicans on the Board. The other is a Chicago Republican, known otherwise as a Democrat. So, of the five members, three are Democrats and two are Republicans. Except that Supervisor Carrol acts with the Democrats on almost everything and those four act like the County Administrator is their boss not their subordinate. Anyway, the reporters are charging Supervisor Miller with knowing about the antics of one of her interns, who created a false web newspaper for political purposes, and with using her private email for county business. There is some truth in these claims but I doubt that the amount of truth is worth the efforts to smear her. The reporters filed an FOIA for her emails and she turned over, by her account, about 7,000 emails to them. The reporters claim that she hasn’t turned over everything, as if they would know. Now she has gone after the other four Supervisors and the County Administrator and requested their emails that might have a bearing on this issue. I bet the Arizona Red Star (Arizona Daily Star) won’t cover anything that gets turned up as that might cause “King” Chuck Huckleberry discomfort. The squabble is going to be fun to watch.

My sleeping is still going badly. I see my doctor on the 25th, just over two weeks away. The last two times I have taken a sleeping pill it hasn’t helped so I am going to stop with them on the idea that I have become immune, or at least resistant. This is one of several issues I will have to bring up to the doctor. Getting old brings problems and the ones I have are ones that I do not want.

It rained today. It was a good long, soaking rain. Thunder and lightning were present throughout and one peal of thunder lasted for close to a minute, at least that is what it seemed like. The streets in Tucson do not channel the rain water away into the sewers very well, so a lot of the streets flood and become streams. The street behind my apartment complex becomes a small pond as a result. If the streets were designed better, the rainwater could be used to recharge the water table effectively. As it is, we have to use the Arizona Central Project water from the Colorado River to recharge and that gets expensive. Bad politicians.


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