August 9, 2016

August 8, 2016

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I said that I like a boring life because my time on active duty was excitement enough, especially when I got shot at. Well, here is how boring my life is. All morning I spent grocery shopping. It takes quite a while to go to the DMAFB commissary, shop, and return home. Usually it takes about three hours and today was no different. Normally when I do this I have breakfast at a local restaurant, but today I found the restaurant closed with no notice of if the closure is permanent or temporary and if temporary for how long. So I had breakfast at a fast food joint. Don’t get me wrong, I like Jack-in-the-Box but only rarely and I was looking forward to a more regular breakfast.

I mentioned that I play TTRPGs and that my group is starting up a new campaign, to alternate with the SHADOWRUN campaign we are doing now, so I ordered the new Players Handbook and it came in today. All this afternoon I have been reading it and thinking about my character. Between shopping and studying the PH, I got nothing else done today, so far.

The local weather has been hot and humid but no rain. So far this year, Tucson is about 1.5 inches ahead of the average to this date according to the Weather Service.

Coming back from the commissary I had a rare treat. Most of the time when I transfer between busses, unless I get off the first bus well in advance of when the second bus arrives, the drivers will not wait for me, or any transfer, to get to the stop before they drive off. But today, as I was hurrying as fast as I could (I cannot run anymore) the driver saw me and waited. There are nice people in Tucson after all, they are just uncommon.

The Bengals play Friday. I am happy that the football season is starting again. However, looking through the Direct TV schedule I cannot find any football games so I wonder if the preseason isn’t being shown. I’ll have to investigate more. I’d hate to miss games. Checking the Direct TV Guide webpage I found the game and set it for record. The NFL channels have moved from where I was searching. I don’t remember being told that but I could easily have forgotten. Given the time of the broadcast, it looks like a tape delay since I doubt any game will start at 4 AM MST and the Bengals website says the game will be played Friday the 12th and the broadcast is for Saturday the 13th.

That is it for now. Tomorrow I’ll get to work on GENERATIONS UPON GENERATIONS, I have a clear idea of how it is going to end now, the idea came while riding the bus today.


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