August 7, 2016

August 6, 2016

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I just got home from a session of table-top RPG playing. In case you are not familiar with TTRPG, think back to your childhood. Every child plays “Lets Pretend” in some form or another. It is one of the ways a child learns social interaction and how to fit into society. Well, Role-Playing Games are “Lets Pretend” with the rules written down so that there is none of the “I got you. No you didn’t” arguments. Instead the arguments tend to be what rule applies. But the group I am with have been together for years and so the arguments are few and far between. The game system we are using is called Shadowrun and is set in a dystopian future with fantasy races, magic, and high technology. I play a Dwarf mage. The main action today was a fight that could have easily killed all the characters but didn’t. Next week, without stopping this campaign, we will be starting a new campaign and alternating between them. We will be alternating not only between two campaigns but two rules systems as well. We have done this in the past and I cannot remember it ever working out well.

I keep wanting to increase my savings so that I can afford to attend the next Libertarian Party Convention. Every month there is something that I feel the necessity to drain my saving for, so my buildup is slow and inadequate for the goal I want to reach. Summertime in Tucson is a huge electricity drain as the heat and humidity require a lot of air conditioning. I almost had a real problem with Tucson Electric Power Company yesterday. A technician came out and shut my electricity off. It turned out he had misread his work order and turned me off instead of the apartment that was supposed to get shut off. Luckily I was home, and was able to go out and talk with the technician.

I got only one video uploaded to YouTube this week and I had wanted to do three. I know what the other two are going to be about, I just couldn’t get around to them. Maybe next week as I am sleeping better for now and don’t need to take naps as much as I had been.

I am not following the Olympics. While gymnastics is popular and I enjoy watching gymnastics, I don’t really want to spend the time. The Winter Olympics are much the same except that the sport I prefer is Curling and that rarely makes the TV.

Football is coming and I will be rooting for my favorite team – the Cincinnati Bengals. When I joined the Air Force in 1967 my family was living in Loveland Ohio, a suburb of Cincinnati, and I watched the Bengals form. I have been a Bengals fan, good times and bad, ever since. It was because of football that I finally bought a replacement TV and got Direct TV. I can watch every Bengals game. I see the occasional Steelers fan and I always tell them: “I think I am required by law to hate you.” Then I tell them that I am a Bengals fan (the Steelers and Bengals are huge rivals).  Once I explain that I am a Bengals they usually smile or laugh at my comment. Then we usually have a football discussion.

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