August 5, 2016

August 5, 2016

Posted in Personal tagged at 11:25 pm by gruundehn

So yesterday I posted Chapter 2 of DREADNOUGHT. I do not like transcribing anything but it is the only way I know to get anything I wrote posted on my other blog. I mean, reading off of a paper in order to write it onto a blog? To me that’s dull and boring. So I get a few paragraphs done and watch a YouTube video or two. BTW, I also post some videos on YouTube on the channel Christopher Cole. Well, one of the channels named Christopher Cole. If you are interested, some of the titles are: Initiating Violence, Why Waste Your Vote. There are others but those two, the first two I did, should get you to the right channel.

I did get some done on GENERATIONS UPON GENERATIONS today and I think I know where it will end finally. Normally when I write I know the beginning and the ending of the story and the middle works its way out as I write. This version of GENERATIONS UPON GENERATIONS is different. When I first wrote the story, before the fall of the USSR, it had a nice ending but that was ruined by the fall of the USSR. So I set it aside and worked on other stories. Well, I came back to GENERATIONS UPON GENERATIONS and started in on it again with a major twist and found that it wouldn’t work so I dumped it and started again. I’ve been working on the story but not knowing how it will end. But today! Today I thought of how it will end, at least the basic idea. So now I have a goal to work towards while writing this.

I used to write for about three hours a day straight. Then I’d do something else and let my brain recharge. Now, I get a little done but nowhere near three hours in one sitting, maybe in a whole day, but that will be scattered from say 8 AM to 5 PM with breaks for a whole lot of distractions. Maybe it was just that the distractions before were the sort that required a large block of time and I just plowed through my writing so that I had the free time to engage in the distraction. Now, YouTube is my major distraction and those videos are often short enough that I consider them just a rest for my eyes. Sudoku is another distraction that is usually short enough that I can rationalize playing a board before going back to my writing.

GEERATIONS UPON GENERATIONS is presently at about 26,000 words and I am shooting for around 48,000. I think that I can make it easily with the ending I thought of. HIGH TREASON should be about the same size but the last book in the series, title unknown for now, I plan on going for at least 100,000 words as it will probably be the last in the series. I have other books that I have been working on in the past and I will continue posting one or more of those as I complete them. I will probably continue this until I die; which, hopefully, will not be too soon. And when it does happen, I hope that it happens between stories so that no one is left hanging for the next chapter that never comes. I’m 66 years old so there is no guarantee there.


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