August 4, 2016

August 3, 2016

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OK, so far I am not doing very good at posting every day. I missed yesterday, one for two in August, even though I spent a lot of time thinking about what I was going to say while I was out and about. So, I will now for yesterday and today; yesterday was the Pima County Board of Supervisors meeting and, as usual, I spoke to them. It isn’t so much that I enjoy chewing them out but that they need it so often. There is a time limit, 3 minutes, and I routinely go over that. They really need to be chewed out by more people so I don’t have to cover so much of their mismanagement. What I spoke about was why the $15 an hour minimum wage is a bad idea. I printed out my remarks so that the Clerk of the Board could make copies for everyone since I expected to not be able to finish speaking them. I will have to continue at the next meeting on August 15th unless a better topic comes along.

After that meeting and then lunch, I went to one of the franchise massage places, Oriental Chi. I like them as I can just walk in and get my back done and, if I can afford it, the rest of me as well. Yesterday was the first time I had to say “enough” as the deep massaging actually started to hurt. Normally I can take a deep massage without too much trouble but it has been so long that my muscles were tight and stiff. Thus, the pain (well more than ache but not really pain, the English language needs another word here) got to be too much. I went again today, another location, and now my right upper arm is sore but in a good way. I broke the humerus a few years ago and got a rod to help fix the break; I haven’t been good at the exercises I have to do so it is always a bit stiff and it is sore today but not as stiff as usual.

I didn’t think about quitting colas when I had a couple of sodas yesterday until today when I looked at the ingredients of what I had drunk. Another mess up, so to speak. A lot more than colas have the caramel coloring, which is supposed to be what is so bad for you, and so today I made a conscious effort to avoid everything with the caramel coloring. I drink a lot of iced tea but most of the versions available in soda machines are not the simple unsweetened iced tea that I like. I avoid sweetened iced tea as it is never to my liking and I avoid the iced tea with lemon, raspberry, or whatever added because I just do not like the idea of such mixes. I avoided sodas with cherry or whatever the flavor of the month was for the same reason. I drink iced tea on occasion and I drink lemonade on occasion and I don’t like the idea of mixing them. So sue me, I have simple tastes.

I enjoy competence. So about three years ago a black woman approached me and gave me her business card and a sales pitch for her doing my hair. The salon where she worked was within walking distance of where I live and she impressed me so I made an appointment. It was an ethnic salon. There was a white woman doing someone’s hair and me, a white man getting my hair and beard done, and everyone else was a black woman.  I don’t remember what we talked about but it was a nice conversation. A black man did show up once to make an appointment but otherwise it was me and black women. Plus nice conversations. Tammy went to another salon but that was harder for me to get to so I haven’t been in several months. Just before the 4th of July I stopped by at a salon in one of the malls here and I did not like the result. Today I stopped by a small shop just a short bus ride from home and again, I didn’t like the result. I may have to hunt Tammy’s business card down and call her before Veterans’ Day because I always liked how she did me.

I want to get three videos done for YouTube this week but so far I am behind schedule. I talk politics and it is nothing special, just another talking head channel. There are several channels under the name Christopher Cole, so if you want to hear my political talks, I suggest finding the videos by title. The first one I did was “Initiating Violence”, next being “Why Waste your Vote”, then two on “Minimum Wage”, “Election Integrity” and the last I posted was on “Cronyism”. I hope you have a look at them, and engage me in conversation on the various topics.


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