August 2, 2016

August 1, 2016

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When I started this blog, I did a personal recap of the past week on Sunday nights and a political rant on Wednesday nights. I dropped the Wednesday postings but added a second blog where I post chapters of my novels. One of the blogs I follow has some posts on improving a blog and one of the items mentioned is to post daily. I am going to try it for the month of August. Thirty-one post in a row, thirty-two if you count yesterday’s regular Sunday post. I hope that there is enough interesting in my life to make worthwhile posts for an entire month. However, since I will still be posting novel chapters on Thursdays, I won’t be doing a personal post on that day probably. You can read those on and I would enjoy feedback.

I started something else today, I stopped drinking soda. I grew up with RC Cola, and yes moon pies as well. But lately I have been reading so much about how cola harms the body, I thought I would dump it. Since I buy my soda at the Circle K next door and two each 2-liter bottles of RC cost $3 and I buy two bottles about every two or three days I expect to save about $45 a month. But I am doing this primarily for the health aspects. I am going through a horrible time, health wise, right now. I have diabetes and my blood sugar readings are crazy with increases and decreases of as much as 150 or so between one day and the next. My weight should be going down but it jumped back up and has been bouncing around from week to week. My diet and exercise routine don’t change so I wonder why these vary so much. I suspect my thyroid based on information I found; but, the internet, even Web MD, is not a diagnosis so I see a doctor later this month.

I spent a good chunk of time this afternoon writing out a argument I intend to give to the Pima County Board of Supervisors tomorrow on the minimum wage. Several Green Party members have spoken over the last two meetings in favor of raising it to $15 an hour and I want to present some information to counter that. I oppose the minimum wage on two grounds: 1) it hurts the poor since it destroys the jobs they need to climb out of poverty and 2) it is racist. I expect to be ignored since the Board of Supervisors rarely does anything that can be considered sensible.

I did get some writing done, only a few paragraphs, on Generations upon Generations after dinner. Given the history of that story, I can’t be sure of how it is going to end. I have some ideas but nothing has settled in my mind yet. The original version had a definite end but that one died with the fall of the Soviet Union. The next novel in line, High Treason, is starting to form in my mind, I daydream about the opening a lot. Once I am finished with Generations upon Generations I can get started right away on High Treason. It used to be that I could write for about three hours without break, other than bathroom and such, but now I find it hard to get more than a few paragraphs. Today I got several paragraphs done because I wrote dialogue. Short paragraphs. If I keep it up maybe I can get back to three hours at a stretch.


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