August 1, 2016

11th Sunday after Pentecost, 2016

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I am going to start something new for me tomorrow, one of the blogs I follow mentioned posting every day to increase followers. I am, therefore, going to experiment and for the month of August I will try to post something every day. Not my writing blog, I’d run out of chapters long before the end of the month but, this, my personal blog. Maybe by the end of the month I’ll realize that my life is more interesting than I now think and keep it up, or maybe everyone else will get sick of just how dull my life is and abandon me. My life is dull, I like dull, I had too much excitement when I was on active duty. Maybe I’ll put in some war stories as fillers. You can tell an authentic war story because it starts: “Now this ain’t no shit.” Talk to any veteran and they will agree with that.

The Sun Tran bus system failed me this morning. The bus I normally take arrives at the stop at 8:48 AM each Sunday morning. Except today. The bus broke down while travelling eastbound, I would be travelling westbound, and once repaired continued on as if nothing had happened even though it was almost an hour late – and on Sundays the bus on this route is only every hour anyway. So, I was going to be late, I thought I was an usher today which means I would have to be at church half an hour early for the service which would normally be no problem. I was given a ride by a member of the parish and made it in time for the service. I wasn’t an usher this week so I wasn’t late. The perils of mass transit.

There was a baptism today. The child is cute and happy. I always enjoy a baptism. It is probably my favorite service. Funerals I have no desire to attend, I will try t miss my own if I can. Yes, I understand it is closure for the family and friends but I still do not like funerals.

I am still putting videos up on YouTube, I have about half a dozen now and expect to do at least three this week. So far, I have less than one view per video on average. I ask that you who read this have a look at one or more of my videos: the channel name is Christopher Cole and the first one I put up is entitled “Initiating Violence”. Please have a look and let me have some feedback.

If you wish to do so, please go to and get the weekly prayer list and pray for those who ask for prayers. I also ask that you pray for the millions of people killed, driven from their homes or otherwise persecuted by Muslims throughout the world.

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