August 31, 2016

August 30, 2016

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Of all I wanted to get done today, I got most of it done. I voted this morning and, perhaps, convinced someone to change their registration to Libertarian; I attended the court case on the ballot images and I got some writing done. I didn’t take an afternoon nap nor will I be going down to the Election Department to watch the ballot counting as I forgot that security requires that the County Party Chair notify the Election Department that I would be coming. So, I won’t be staying up all night for that.

I did have a bout of hypoglycemia this morning. I haven’t had one of those in over a year. My medicine was just changed, the insulin levels were adjusted, and I think that the slightly increased evening level has brought my morning blood sugar reading down to a level that allows for hypoglycemia. Before this, for the last several months, my blood sugar levels were high enough in the morning that even after injecting myself with insulin it never dropped low enough to start hypoglycemia.

I am typing this post with the brace on my right hand off since wearing it while tying causes problems for me. I have a lot of weakness in that thumb and pressure causes pain. Not ache but pain. I don’t know what the actual technical difference is, but for me, ache is dull and pain is sharp. And what I get when I put pressure on that thumb is sharp. Not serious but still sharp. Without the pressure, there is an ache all the time. I am 66 years old and age is starting to catch up with me.

I follow several blogs and trying to keep up with them is starting to take too much time. Several bloggers have liked some of my posts and have started to follow me. I like that but if I am going to get anything done I have to limit what blogs I follow. So, if you are following me and I am not following you, please understand that this is not a bad reflection on you, I am just out of time. I have looked at your blog and I have yet yo find any of them unattractive.

I have to get one of my YouTube videos posted on the Facebook pages. I may do a follow-up on the new one I did yesterday on how the Federal Government pays the State Governments to take children away from their families, hopefully only from abusive families and not for politics or some such, and adopt them out. Bureaucrats and politicians are, contrary to what some believe, human and prejudices can play a part in what happens to children. I know of no such abuse, but I know something of human nature and it can happen if a careful watch is not kept.


August 30, 2016

August 29, 2016

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I did a new video and posted it on YouTube and the Facebook pages of myself and the Pima County Libertarian Party. I invite you to watch my videos and see if you agree with me. If not, maybe we can discuss the issue. There are at least a dozen channels Christopher Cole so either look for my face, all my videos are of the “talking head” type, or try a title. INITIATING VIOLENCE was my first video.

I didn’t do any writing but I spent my time working on HIGH TREASON. I know who is doing the treason and why Elder gets caught up in it. Naturally, since he is the hero of the series, he stops the treason from succeeding. All it will cost him is his wife; although, that may change.

Tomorrow is Primary Election Day here in Arizona. We will be voting for all political offices except for the President. The Libertarian Party has several write-in candidates, we couldn’t get anyone on the printed ballot as the signature requirements are too high for us to easily get. The Legislature changed the formula used to compute how many signatures are needed and while the number for the Republicans and Democrats didn’t change much (big surprise) for the Libertarian and Green Parties it changed a lot.

Tomorrow I will vote early in the morning, then head downtown to support John Brakey in his suit to make elections more transparent and verifiable, then a nap and down to the Elections Department to supervise the counting of the ballots. I should get home at the crack of dawn. More screwed up sleep.

The brace on my right hand is making it hard for me to type. With luck, either I won’t need it long, or I will get used to it.

August 28, 2016

15th Sunday after Pentecost, 2016

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I have been sleeping most of the day, I didn’t sleep last night except for perhaps an hour or an hour and a half. So between about 1 AM and 7 AM, when I should have been sleeping, I was awake and so tired that I just sat around and did nothing. Almost literally. I did look at my emails and visit some news sites but I didn’t write, I didn’t work on any of my videos, or anything else. I just sat around tired and bored but unable to sleep every time I tried, until just after 7 AM. I lack energy and I need some energy in order to get the CPAP machine working so it can help me sleep. A lack of sleep and a lack of energy prevents me from doing what I need to get regular sleep and increase my energy. I didn’t have these problems when I was younger and I don’t want them now – but I have them now. Probably with proper practices earlier in my life, I could be doing what I need now out of habit but I didn’t. So, that this as a warning if you are younger than I am.

I will be watching the Bengals play shortly. The game starts in about an hour from now. At the VA, when I was getting the brace for my hand, the clerk who helped me is a Steelers fan and we had a football discussion. Both ties, Thursday at the close of the work day when he couldn’t fit me and Friday morning when  he could. Not that fitting me was such a problem, it was just the bureaucratic rules. Anyway, I am looking forward to the game. The Bengals have been playing well, but this is preseason so it doesn’t count. Their next game is in London which I will have to watch as I have neither a passport nor the money to go and watch in person. I haven’t watched a live football game in over a decade, there used to be a minor bowl game here in Tucson and I went to watch either Purdue (my Father’s university) or Indiana (my Mother’s university), I forget which. Normally I don’t watch college football, I haven’t seen a game of the University of Arizona and the U of A is right here in Tucson. I just have no emotional attachment to them.

August 27, 2016

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Saturday evening or me and I just got home from my weekly game. This week being Shadowrun. Next Saturday I will be working to help audit the Primary Election here in Pima County. I will spend my morning there and perhaps some of the afternoon as well, but probably not.

The Shadowrun game today was interesting. I find these table-top role-playing games fun. Plus, I can get ideas for stories from them, if I just had the energy to write as much as I used to. Shadowrun, if you are unfamiliar with the genre, is a science-fiction and fantasy setting set in a dystopian future where corporations are independent nations and dragons, elves, dwarves, troll, etc. all exist and live together. Magic exists, thus the fantasy aspect, as does some of the weirdest technology science-fiction has invented. The character I play is a female dwarf who is a mage. The game today was rescuing an elf and an artifact and smuggling them back to Seattle, the home base of the campaign. There was only the one fight and we were able to talk our way around a couple of other fights. Fighting can get your character killed. But combat is a lot of fun to play. It isn’t fun in real life but pretend is fun.

Before I went to the game I did get some writing done. I don’t have the energy to write for hours at a stretch anymore, although I do hope to get that level of energy back.

I am still avoiding colas, and sugar sodas. For me it is now either ice tea or just plain water. Since I do not have much in the way of a sense of taste, both are fine for me. For my meals I tend to go for texture instead of taste as I can tell the difference between textures but rarely between tastes. There are a few things that I can smell / taste and even fewer that I like. I do like a specific brand fo single malt Scotch – The Glen Levit. On the occasions I buy a bottle, I will pour a drink late in the morning and set the glass next to my computer. I will sip on the drink until probably around 2 PM. I won’t go later because of my blood sugar test and the need to avoid food and drink that might increase my blood sugar levels for at least two hours before the test. Diabetes is a pain.

August 27, 2016

August 26, 2016

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This is harder than usual since I am wearing a brace on my right hand with support for my thumb. When I was at the doctor’s yesterday I mentioned that my right thumb is sore. So I had x-rays taken of the hand and a hand brace ordered. I was expecting something that would just go on the thumb since such a device was given me for a finger on my left hand to use while I sleep. Instead, I got a hand brace with wrapping for my thumb. This will take some getting used to. I got this brace this morning.

I barely got this week’s chapter transcribed after I got home from the doctor’s. Luckily, this chapter is a short one. I did get one video uploaded to my Facebook page and the PCLP Facebook page this morning. So far I haven’t gotten comments where I want them but I did get one here showing concern for my health. One reason for my videos is to start conversations and another is to inspire thought. I may be inspiring thought but no conversations.

It looks like it might rain here in Tucson, and for a desert that is always welcome. I looked at the annual rain totals in the paper this morning and saw an unusual sight. For the year we are about one inch (3 cm) ahead of the 30-year average but for the month we are about one inch behind. We have just under one month left in the summer rainy season and then it will be dry until late November or early December when the winter rainy season starts. It actually is a rainy season here for about half the year but the total rainfall is only about 12-inches (30 cm) spread out between the two seasons and some scattered in at other times.

I am originally from Indiana where the rain and snow totals are much greater but Tucson is my home now. I sometimes wonder what my life would be like if my family had not had to move to San Diego for my youngest brother’s health. (He got better, he is now a retired Warrant Officers in the USMC) I might have been an Episcopal priest, or perhaps a lawyer. But that is just daydreaming and the sort of daydreaming that does not produce stories. Except for ENTRANCE EXAMINATION all of my stories are from daydreaming and daydreaming is usually how I work on the plot. I just sir back or lay back and let my mind go while keeping it as much on the subject as possible.

August 25, 2016

August 24, 2016

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I got a video I made for YouTube posted on my Facebook page and the Facebook page of the Pima County Libertarian Party. I haven’t heard back from the State Party on posting on their page yet but I have my hopes. I haven’t had any comments on YouTube yet and I want to have discussions on the issues. I haven’t had much in the way of comments here but that I can understand since this is just a slice-of-life blog with little in the way of deep thoughts. I haven’t had comments on my writing either and I started for comments that might help me improve my writing.

Speaking of my writing, I did get some done today and my ideas on the next book are coming more often. I think I am getting back into form but I don’t want to get prematurely optimistic on that. A lot of what I have been doing is rewriting various sections of the book, not increasing the total word count but making it better I hope. I read some time ago, a long time ago, that poetry is never finished it is only abandoned. I make changes every time I read what I have written so I guess that idea applies to my prose as well.

I see the doctor tomorrow afternoon. I like the VA medical system but there are times that I get frustrated. The doctor I had quit and I saw a stranger last December. My routine follow-ups are supposed to be every 6 months because of my diabetes but I must have slipped into a crack since I had to go down and personally make the appointment once it became obvious that a follow-up was not scheduled. I went down because I could not get through on the phone. Anyway, I see the doctor tomorrow. Which is a good thing because I have run out of two of my medications and I am worried that I may have thyroid problems. WebMD is a good site for information but it does not provide a valid diagnosis.

I am sticking with the no cola pledge. And I have a problem since if I am going to drink a sugar-free drink, it has to be a cola if I get it at the Circle K next door. I could get something at the grocery but that is a long walk away. Yes, I should do long walks for the exercise but doing a long walk carrying groceries, including sodas, is tiring. I grocery shop during the day when the busses run.

I hardly ever watch TV anymore. I’ll watch the Cincinnati Bengals games and once the tournament season is over I will go back to watching a couple of game shows I like but the only new show I liked got cancelled and I have no schedule of older shows like HAVE GUN WILL TRAVEL or MAVERICK that I liked many years ago when they were first broadcast and which I liked in reruns. I have even got out of the habit of watching the late news before going to bed.

I guess that the lethargy I feel is strong enough to put a dent in a lot of things I do.

August 23, 2016

August 23, 2016

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Since I seem to harp on my sleeping so much, an update. I slept well and long last night. If I can just keep this up but getting older increases sleeping problems.

Got some YouTube work done, posting on YouTube and both my own Facebook page and the page of the Pima County Libertarian Party. I encourage you to have a look at my videos on YouTube, I put them up to encourage discussion after all.

I got a letter from the Chair of the National Libertarian Committee today. Mr. Sarwark wrote about the death of Philando Castile at the hands of the police. I intend to do some research on the issue and do a video on Mr. Castile’s death. What I do know is that the police killed Mr. Castile even though he never touched the firearm he was legally carrying. I am disappointed with the NRA since they have not taken up Mr. Castile’s cause. Prior to WW II the NRA trained black Americans with firearms and helped them get personal firearms in order to help them defend themselves from the KKK and other such. It seems that the NRA believes that the police should not ever be criticized. Mr. Castile’s case is totally different than most of the other cases recently where the police have killed someone, Mr. Castile was obeying the law from start to finish.

It didn’t rain here in Tucson today but the humidity was awful. I was out and about around noon and I was sweating profusely. Even if I had been carrying an umbrella the humidity would have made it useless for preventing my sweating. When I got home I drank a couple of liters of water just to replenish what I lost through sweat.

Once I finish this post, I am back to writing. I have to get GENERATION UPON GENERATIONS finished soon or else I can’t post it on my other blog. And then I need to start in writing HIGH TREASON.


August 22, 2016

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OK, allow me to start off with (as if you had any choice) the court case against Pima County on the Worldview issue. I did attend the hearing and the County lost three of the four requests they made to throw the case out. The last issue was taken under advisement by the judge as she had intended to throw that one out as well but something the County said made her question that decision. I could never sit on a jury in this case as I believe too strongly that the County broke the law and betrayed taxpayer trust on this.

As I was heading downtown on the bus I met an old lady who needed to cast her early ballot and I helped her get to where she needed to go and I answered a question she had about the blank lines on the ballot for write-in candidates. It always makes me a bit happier to help someone.

I’ve been talking about sleep a lot lately and how I haven’t been getting a good night’s sleep. Well, last night I got a good night’s sleep. Probably too much sleep as I got nothing done this morning done in the way of writing. But it was nice to sleep for three or four hours before I had to get up to go to the bathroom.

Once I am done with this post I have to work on my next YouTube video. Plus, I should get some of the older ones onto the Facebook pages of myself and the Pima County Libertarian Party. I also need to talk to the State Chair and start putting them on the State Facebook page if they have one.

In seven weeks I turn 67 (October 14th) and I never feel that old until I think about it. I don’t think I feel any different than I did, say, when I was 37. And looking at that last sentence I just realized how long it has been that I have been on inactive duty (retired). I joined the USAF in 1967 and went on inactive in 1987. Twenty-nine years. Nine years longer than I was on active duty. I have had, over the years, faced a lot of discrimination. First because of my military service and then my age. I have had only a couple of jobs during that time, four in total now that I think of it and I quit two of those since I was not making any money (those were sales jobs). One the company went under and the other was a limited time hire for the Census Bureau – not the decennial census but a couple of other projects.

Talking about the Census job reminds me of an incident that happened there. For those of you from Indiana or who follow college basketball a bit of background. If this is meaningless to you, sorry. My Father went to Purdue and my Mother to Indiana. If you know the rivalry there, and how serious college basketball is in Indiana, you can understand what it was like for me growing up in the 1950’s. The job I had at the Census Bureau was two projects and there was a short break between them. During that break I was given the task of verifying information at businesses across the country. One of the businesses I called was the Purdue-Indiana Combined Campus. I got the information and told the clerk I was speaking with that I had a personal question. I explained that my Father went to Purdue and my Mother went to Indiana and then asked: “During basketball season how do you keep the students from killing each other?” I never got an answer as the clerk was laughing so hard I think she fell to the floor.

When I tell that story I usually follow with the comment that when I was visiting my grandmother one day, she had six different basketball games on, both TV and radio and both NBA and college. She knew what was going on in each game. She knew more about the Indiana basketball team than they did. Today she would be a stalker but back then she was just a fan.

August 22, 2016

14th Sunday after Pentecost, 2016

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It is getting ready to rain. I was just outside and felt a few drops, and there are loads of black clouds off to the south. Maybe to you rain is no big deal but Tucson is in a desert, the Upper Sonoran Desert and we get about 12 inches a year, or about 30cm. We are ahead for the 30-year average by about an inch and a half but we are recovering from a twenty year+ drought. Plus, people keep moving here and depleting the water supply. And, yes, I am one of them; I was first stationed here in 1971 and until 1977 I was in and out at DMAFB. I returned in 1988 and have stayed ever since. If I ever leave Tucson it will probably be involuntarily.

I have been trying to keep up with the daily posts but have missed a few. I can report that I am sticking with my no cola resolution. According to the various sources I have read on the subject it is the caramel coloring that is bad. So now I look at the ingredients and get surprised at how often that is an ingredient in any soda not just colas. And the sodas I can get without the caramel coloring all have sugar which I have to be careful of. If I drink some sugared soda too late in the afternoon my blood sugar reading gets skewed. So, I end up drinking sugar soda after the evening test which I take somewhere around 5:30 PM MST.

Speaking of Mountain Standard Time, Arizona does not use Daylight Saving Time except for the Navaho Nation in the North-East corner. One of the many projects I want to do, other than writing, is to do research on the amount of injuries, deaths and property damage done when the changeover between standard and daylight saving time happens. Especially in the Spring when the clocks are moved forward, there must be considerable problems.

Tomorrow a court case that I am interested in has its first session. I plan to go downtown and watch. The case, which I have mentioned, concerns Pima County apparently breaking the law in awarding a contract to Worldview for their headquarters and launching pad here in Pima County. This is cronyism from start to finish. The husband of Gabrielle Giffords, the member of Congress shot by a left-wing lunatic a few ears back, is a partner and that is the only reason Worldview got the contract since they refuse to release any financial data. I hope the County loses this case. If I had the money I would sue the County for every action that they take that I believe to be either against the law or without legal authorization. We, the people, have to obey the law, why not the government? I’ll try to remember to post about the case tomorrow.


August 21, 2016

August 20,2016

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I just got home less than an hour ago after spending the day with friends. I have mentioned before that I play TTRPGs and that my gaming group was starting a campaign of D&D 5e. Well, that is what we played today. I like it much better than D&D 4e, there are few things I do not like more than D&D 4e. The system seems quick and easy, with very fast pacing. We play Shadowrun next Saturday and then I am helping audit the Primary election coming on Tuesday so there will be no game that Saturday.

Pima County pledged $15 million to help a balloon ride company so that the company would build their headquarters here in the County. Nobody outside of the company knows their business plan and so any estimate of their ability to repay is a joke. The Goldwater Institute has sued the County claiming that the contract is a violation of the State Constitution. I happen to agree with the Institute. I mention this because the first court date is this upcoming Monday and I intend to be in the courtroom watching.

I did not get a good nights sleep but while awake I did get some writing done. Not a lot but at least I feel that I accomplished something. I know why the events in GENERATIONS UPON GENERATIONS happen and I have an idea of how the book is going to end. I am at about 27,000 words now and I want to get up to about 48,000. If I can stop being so lethargic I can have it done before I start to post it on Then I start in on HIGH TREASON. Once that and the last book (title not selected yet) are done I will probably resume on MAGIC IN THE MONASTERY because that is a single, stand-alone, book. I think about that one on occasion and it needs a major re-write.

I remember writing a blog post yesterday, talking about what I did, but I cannot find it. I cannot remember what I said, these posts tend to be “stream-of-consciousness” so there is no script or anything like that, so re-writing it is useless. I must have accidently trashed it.

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