July 24, 2016

10th Sunday after Pentecost, 2016

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I have been in a funk all this last week. June 30th was the anniversary of my brother Dan’s death and I just lost a friend on the 15th. I am 66 years old and both of these people were much younger than me. People older than me are supposed to die, not younger people. Yes, when I was on active duty in the Air Force I realized that I was being paid to die, and I came close to it once, March 26, 1970. I hope I can face death with some steadiness and not in fear and terror. But when people younger than me die it makes it a bit harder to do so.

Part of the reason for the funk has nothing to do with death but my medicines. I am diabetic and have to inject insulin twice a day. I ran out early last week and there was no refills left on the prescription. I was expecting to see my doctor tomorrow the 25th of July so I would get a new prescription and my first fill then. But I checked my appointments today since I had not gotten the telephone call nor the postcard reminding me of my appointment. My appointment is for the 25th of August. I doubt it is a good idea to go without insulin for that long. So, I have to go down to the VA and brave the construction going on in the pharmacy in order to get some insulin. My blood sugar numbers have been jumpy for weeks now but the last few days the numbers have skyrocketed.

I have finished posting ENTRANCE EXAMINATION but I do wish that some folks would give me some feedback so that I know how well I write and where I need to improve. I start in posting DREADNOUGHT this Thursday. By the time I finish posting it I should have GENERATIONS UPON GENERATIONS ready for posting and I can start work on HIGH TREASON. What the last novel is going to be titled I haven’t decided yet. But once that one is posted I’ll go back to MAGIC IN THE MONASTERY or THE GOD’S TALE or maybe something else. Whatever, I need to keep writing.

I am posting some videos on YouTube and as of now there are five up. Not many people have viewed them and I haven’t gotten feedback on them either. The channel is Christopher Cole, one of perhaps a dozen or more with that name, and includes such titles as Initiating Violence, Why waste your Vote, and others. I keep asking for feedback and never get it, on either of my blogs or my YouTube channel.

If you wish to do so, please stop by gsptucson.org ad get the prayer list from the Sunday bulletins and pray the prayer list.

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