July 18, 2016

9th Sunday after Pentecost, 2016

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A friend of mine died last Friday. His name was Michael Biles. I doubt you knew him but just in case, he died last Friday the 15th. It was inevitable that he would die young, he was a good 20years younger than me, because of his heart problems which were not helped by his weighing somewhere around 500 pounds. As far as I know, he has not been on a scale for decades even when getting a medical check since the scales normally found in a medical office only go to 350 pounds and Michael weighed that a couple decades ago when he was asking about hanging chairs while attending the Renaissance Fair in Apache Junction. But, he is dead and although he was a pain to be around because of his attitude, he was a friend.

I have started posting videos on YouTube for the Pima County Libertarian Party and as of today there are two: Initiating Violence and Why Waste your Vote. I plan on putting one up tomorrow on the Minimum Wage and maybe another one but I haven’t decided on the topic yet. I want to keep posting videos on various topics for as long as I can. I would appreciate feedback and comments on my videos either to help me make better videos or discuss the issues I spoke about.

The last chapter of ENTRANCE EXAMINATION is going up Thursday. Next week I will start posting chapters of DREADNOUGHT. Again, I would like comments on both novels as a means of improving my writing. The writing blog is christophercolesite.wordpress.com. By the time that is all up I should be done with GENERATIONS UPON GENERATIONS although I am still deciding on the conclusion to that novel. When I write I do not use outlines or plot summaries but I write kind of “stream-of-consciousness” style in that I write the book and am often surprised by the twists and outcomes. The only book I have ever written where I knew the plot, and not just the wanted outcome, was ENTRANCE EXAMINATION because that was inspired by a Japanese anime and I wanted to stay close to the original. Not that I followed the anime closely, it was a love story with aliens and multiple star nations and psychic powers and a civilian university and a few other plot points that I did not put into ENTRANCE EXAMINATION. But I did want to follow the basic idea and I think I did even though the story is different.

Once I finish GENERATIONS UPON GENERATIONS I have the idea for the next novel in the series in mind. Not that I have the plot, just the opening and where I want the story to end. Not that I will guarantee that the ending I am thinking of now is what will be the end of the book. I also have the idea for the last book in the series in mind as well. Again, the opening and what the end is going to be. This time the end will be fixed although the details may change. SPOILER: The Empire is doomed – it is too big and too far out of touch with the political reality throughout the Empire. Politics is always local.

I still haven’t changed my printer so if you wish to pray the prayer list, please go to gsptucson.org and get the prayer list off the Sunday bulletin. Please also pray for Michael Biles. Also, please pray for the millions of people killed, driven from their homes or otherwise persecuted by Muslims throughout the world.


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