July 11, 2016

8th Sunday after Pentecost, 2016

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Technology is wonderful, until it isn’t. I enjoy working with my computers, playing games, surfing the internet and so forth. My list of favorite sites was pretty long. Yes, I said “was” since the latest update to Windows 10 ruined my favorites list. I have two computers, both with Windows 10. One I recently bought and it came with Windows 10 and the other is older and originally came with Windows 8, which got upgraded to 8.1 and then 10. Both just downloaded and installed an upgrade to Windows 10 and my favorites list is missing a lot of entries and the entries remaining are scrambled. This happened yesterday and I have been working to organize the entries back to alphabetical order but files are mixed with folders and very little is in proper order. Plus, a huge number of entries are missing. I sent a feedback to Microsoft but I doubt that they will reply to me since the webpage specifically stated that I should not expect a reply. The computer I am using here is the old one and has Microsoft Explorer as well as Microsoft Edge and the favorites file in Explorer is not as badly damaged as the one in Edge, which helps a bit.

I am still not sleeping properly. I had one night where I got about eight hours but normally it is anywhere from three to five hours. Last night I went to bed about 9:30 PM, got to sleep about 10 PM and woke up about 2:30 AM. I got back to sleep about 5 AM and slept until 10 AM. My blood sugar measurements have been dancing around like crazy and my weight bounces around as well, just not as bad. With my sleeping problems I wonder if there is something seriously wrong. I had been thinking that maybe I am having thyroid problems as low thyroid seems to fit the symptoms but medical information on the internet, even WebMD, is not diagnostic, just suggestive. I see my doctor later this month and I hope that he, or she – it is a new doctor and I don’t know who it is, can figure out what is wrong.

I have a problem with the news media nowadays. No, I am not going to talk bias but coverage. With the ability to gather information from around the world almost instantly local news and events lose out. Thirty years ago events in Europe would not be covered here in Tucson unless those events were extremely notable such as Brexit. Most of the news coverage would be local news and events as those events would normally have a more direct impact on the lives of Tucsonans. Now, the one newspaper that gave more coverage to local news is no more and the TV stations put national and international news into the local broadcast depriving me of local news. Now, I realize that the news media need advertising money in order to survive but they do over cover the sensational. At least, that is my opinion. Which may be why the traditional news media are losing ground to the youngsters on the internet. Plus, I remember reading something a year or two ago that most young people were getting their news from THE DAILY SHOW and similar comedy shows. I want my local news and I want an informed electorate; unfortunately, that seems too much to ask for.

I am still posting ENTRANCE EXAMINATION on my other blog, christophercolesite.wordpress.com but I am almost finished with that novel. I would like some feedback on my writing style and ability but no one has commented so far. I get the occasional notice that someone likes a chapter and I think there are a few people following the story but no one has commented yet. People have stopped commenting on this blog as well  For all I am getting out of this effort, I might as well just shut down and destroy all the posts. I am not planning on doing that, at least not yet.

I still haven’t installed my new printer so if you wish to do so, please visit gsptucson.org and find the latest prayer list, part of the weekly bulletin.


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