June 20, 2016

5th Sunday After Pentecost, 2016

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I wasn’t home for most of yesterday and I missed the delivery of my new printer. The one I have now is broken and I have a pile of ink cartridges for it so I ordered a new one of the same model. Since I missed the Saturday delivery, I will have to be home all day tomorrow in order that I accept delivery of the new one. Which means grocery shopping gets pushed back to Wednesday because Tuesday I will be chewing out the Pima County Board of Supervisors and attending the monthly Pima County Libertarian Party meeting.

I got to read at church today, a rare treat for me. The passage was a good one as well, the one in 1 Kings where Jezebel threatens Elijah and he flees as a result, and while he is in a cave and is told the YWH is going to pass by. I varied my voice according to the phenomenon  passing by and had a lot of fun.

I am getting close to the end of ENTRANCE EXAMINATION on my other blog, christophercolesite.wordpress.com and the only person who seems to have read it is my brother. I get the occasional email saying that someone is following that blog but no one has ever made a comment about my writing or about the story. And such comments are one of the reasons I started posting the story online. I want feedback about my writing and my storytelling.

Since my printer is broken, if you wish to pray the prayer list I ask that you go to gsptucson.org and get the list from there for your prayers. I do ask that you pray for the millions of people who have been killed, driven fro their homes or otherwise persecuted by Muslims throughout the world.


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