June 27, 2016

6th Sunday after Pentecost, 2016

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I have my new printer in but not installed. The reason is that I am lethargic. I have always been lazy but lately I have been just plain lethargic. I missed church today because I overslept. Indeed I spent most of today in bed either napping or reading. I haven’t gotten dressed all day. This general lethargy is increasing and I can’t wait to see my doctor and find out what is going on. Or, rather, I will wait because I have to. My appointment isn’t for weeks yet.

Speaking of doctors, I have an eye doctor appointment this Tuesday. Loads of fun. I have a phobia about needles, everyone tells me it is a phobia but I think it is a rational reaction, but my reaction to something dealing with my eyes is even more severe. The eye drops needed to dilate my eyes will be a problem but the test for glaucoma will be impossible. I always pull away before that little green dot gets close to me. I will probably need a new prescription as I think my vision is a bit blurred. When I was younger and on active duty, it seemed like I had my prescription changed every year. But now that I am much older, the prescription seems to change every three or four years. I was under the impression that my eyes would change more as I got older, not less.

I got a little writing done and I did post a chapter on christophercolesite.wordpress.com but other than that, I haven’t done anything. I am trying to work on the YouTube scripts for the Libertarian Party but my lethargy gets in the way. I finished a pilot video and showed it at the monthly Pima County meeting and the consensus was that it was too long and boring. So, I am now shooting for two minutes and more active. The videos are probably going to be along the lines of Jeff Foxworthy’s “You might be a redneck” comedy but “You might be a Libertarian” instead. I am not a funny man, as a general rule, but I think I can make this work. If I can get them done.

The summer rains should start within a week or so and I, for one, will be glad. When I first got to Tucson, back in 1971, the summer rains were dependable. Now, it seems like it is a matter of catch as you can. Before the rains would start, three or four times a week, just about 1PM and last about two hours. The temperature would drop a good twenty degrees or more and the rest of the afternoon was enjoyable, regardless of the earlier heat. Now the rains come at all sorts of odd hours and the afternoons are miserable.

If you wish to do so, the prayer list I usually post here is to be found at gsptucson.org as part of the Sunday bulletin. I ask that you pray for the millions of people who have been killed, driven from their homelands and otherwise persecuted by Muslims throughout the world.


June 20, 2016

5th Sunday After Pentecost, 2016

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I wasn’t home for most of yesterday and I missed the delivery of my new printer. The one I have now is broken and I have a pile of ink cartridges for it so I ordered a new one of the same model. Since I missed the Saturday delivery, I will have to be home all day tomorrow in order that I accept delivery of the new one. Which means grocery shopping gets pushed back to Wednesday because Tuesday I will be chewing out the Pima County Board of Supervisors and attending the monthly Pima County Libertarian Party meeting.

I got to read at church today, a rare treat for me. The passage was a good one as well, the one in 1 Kings where Jezebel threatens Elijah and he flees as a result, and while he is in a cave and is told the YWH is going to pass by. I varied my voice according to the phenomenon  passing by and had a lot of fun.

I am getting close to the end of ENTRANCE EXAMINATION on my other blog, christophercolesite.wordpress.com and the only person who seems to have read it is my brother. I get the occasional email saying that someone is following that blog but no one has ever made a comment about my writing or about the story. And such comments are one of the reasons I started posting the story online. I want feedback about my writing and my storytelling.

Since my printer is broken, if you wish to pray the prayer list I ask that you go to gsptucson.org and get the list from there for your prayers. I do ask that you pray for the millions of people who have been killed, driven fro their homes or otherwise persecuted by Muslims throughout the world.

June 12, 2016

4th Sunday after Pentecost, 2016

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It has been an interesting week for me. I chewed out the Pima County Board of Supervisors, and the Pima County Sheriff as well. Yes, I chew out the BOS on a routine basis, and they deserve it, but the Sheriff was a bonus. Pima County is so corrupt in my opinion that the County Administration seems to be trying to take the title away from Cook County Illinois; you know, Chicago the Capital of Corruption and dishonest politicians. I am originally from Indiana so I got my information about Chicago almost first-hand before I was even a teenager.

It rained here in Tucson, which is unusual for June. But any rain in a desert is welcome. The summer rainy season doesn’t start, officially, for a couple of week yet but we have been dry for so long now that I wanted to go out and dance in the rain. What kept me from doing so was the fact that I would have to get dressed in order to do it. I usually sit around my apartment in my skivvies and little else and I don’t think that the children in the complex would appreciate seeing me in my boxers, nor would the women either for that matter. I do have some consideration for others.

So, I have been reading about the Muslim guy who went on a rampage in a gay bar and killed over 50 people, give or take. Almost nothing about him being Muslim in the reports about the attack and nothing about the bar being a “gun-free” zone. Just a sample of what happens when one philosophy dominates the news business. In 1964 my Father told me: Unless you honestly examine both sides of an issue, you don’t have an opinion, you are a parrot. He told me that because the San Diego public school system was telling me that I was a Democrat and he got tired of me coming home with the daily belief point. It took me a while but I did realize how wise that comment is. Another bit of wisdom he taught me was: If the refrigerator is broken, changing the tires on your car won’t fix it. And the broken refrigerator here is that Islam teaches Muslims to hate. To hate gays, Jews, non-Muslims, etc. And the tires here is the focus on the guns and not the Muslims.

I am 66 years old and soon to be 67, in October. It is now the middle of June and it seems like 2016 has just started. I have been told that this is a sign of age. I am 6 years old and normally feel much younger, so why do I fail the age test on this one point? I have not yet put the wrong year on any form where the date is required but I still worry about it. And I should have been past this months ago.

I went down to the VA to pay on my bill and got an appointment with my new doctor. It is classified as a follow-up but I need to get my thyroid checked. Even if it is fine, I am having problems that, according to WebMD and others, could be thyroid related. But one of the problems I am having is memory. So, I have a good chance of forgetting to talk about my thyroid because I am having memory problems which could be caused by a thyroid problem.

If you look at the archive of this blog, you might notice that I have been purging some of the older posts. Once I purge to the level I want, I am going to start a third blog for just my political rants. I hope people are reading my science-fiction novel over on christophercolesite.wordpress.com and enjoying it. If you are reading it, have you discovered who the extra person is? My brother Eugene, who is over in Africa (Ghana) teaching English as a Second Language, discovered who it is but only after I pointed out a clue in an earlier chapter. I would be happy if others would read and see if they can discover the solution to the mystery as well. I want the clues to be discoverable but not too easy.

My printer is still down so I ask that if you want to pray the Prayer list, go to gsptucson.org and download the prayer list from there. And I again ask that you pray for the millions of people killed, driven from their homes, or otherwise persecuted by Muslims throughout the world.

June 5, 2016

3rd Sunday after Pentecost, 2016

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The summer heat is finally here in Tucson. It took until late last week for the temperature to break 100 degrees Fahrenheit and when it did it did so in a grand way. None of the wimpy 100 or 101 we went straight to 107+ for three days in a row so far. It is so nice to be indoors a lot.

My printer is starting to go. This seems to happen when I have a few ink cartridges on hand. Luckily the model is still a newer on so I can get a replacement and still use the cartridges I already have without wasting them. Maybe when these cartridges are used up I’ll go to a laser printer, the one I had a few years ago seemed more robust. I can’t remember how long it lasted but I only replaced those cartridges twice and the cartridges for a laser printer last a huge amount of time. The problem with the one I have now is that when it prints several of the lines are printed blurred and impossible to read; and it is getting worse. I just printed out the prayer list for this week and I can’t read a quarter of the lines. And when I am ready to start posting my next novel on christophercolesite.wordpress.com I will need to read the chapters as I post them. The old dot matrix printers were noisy and slow but they lasted a long time, I just wish the ink jet printers lasted as long. Each printer isn’t so bad but the cumulative is horrible.

I want to start posting videos to YouTube but I need to learn how to make videos that can be posted. I can record a video but I can’t get the audio and video to synch. The last one I did had a four second gap between the audio and the video tracks. I don’t have the money to go to a professional video service and I want to do these just by myself until I can afford to have professional help, if I can ever afford to do so.

For those of you who are not in Pima County you might still want to read this section as it demonstrates some of the corruption of government. Our Sheriff retired and a new one was appointed by the Board of Supervisors. Sheriff Nanos is running for election. One of the Sheriff’s Deputies, Sergeant Staten, was placed upon administrative suspension without pay because he intends to run against Sheriff Nanos. The same cannot be done to Sheriff Nanos even though such would be just. He holds an elected office and no action except recall can be taken against him. Sheriff Nanos supervises a much larger part of the Sheriff’s Department than Sergeant Staten but Sergeant Staten is on administrative suspension because of his supervisory duties. Sheriff Nanos is apparently trying to win the election through intimidation and bankruptcy of his opponent – and the destruction of Sergeant Staten’s family because of the bankruptcy caused by Sheriff Nanos’ injustice.

I am not going to post the prayer list, so if you want to pray for those on the prayer list, please go to gsptucson.org and you can find the prayer list there, it is part of the weekly bulletin. I do ask that you pray for the millions of people who have been murdered, driven from their homelands, or otherwise persecuted by Muslims throughout the world.