May 30, 2016

2nd Sunday after Pentecost, 2016

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I watched the Indianapolis 500 after I got home from church. What a race! There needs to be some improvement in managing the pits, far too many time cars bumped each other or otherwise violated the rules on leaving the pits. Whenever I record a TV show I almost always erase it immediately after watching it. The 500 I think I will keep, at least for a while so I can watch it again.

This is the weekend that we should honor those who fell in defense of America and our rights. I say should because too often I find someone who dose not have a clue and does not care. We have, as a nation, become so complacent about what we have that we risk losing everything. I watch a lot of YouTube videos, especially on Thursdays when I add a chapter on my other blog:, and one channel I like to look at is Sargon of Akkad and his This Week in Stupid videos. I don’t agree with everything he says and stands for but when he posts his TWiS videos I cringe at just how stupid some people are. I enjoy it when he points out the hypocrisy of the “Regressive Left” and how they are violating the tenets of honest liberalism. And he never seems to lack examples. I know that there are just as many on the Right who could fill a video blog with stupidity but I get informed of them every day by the various news media.

Another type of YouTube video I like to watch is the cosplay ones. I rarely know who the character being presented is but I enjoy the work and skill that went into making those costumes. I once bought a DV of Circ de Solei (I hope I spelled that right) because I had seen one of their performances on PBS and was intrigued. I enjoyed the performance but I wanted to examine the costumes but I could not as the DVD disabled the zoom, pause and slow motion functions. I did not know why until I saw the section on the behinds the scenes and saw that a lot of the performers were underage children. Clearly those functions were disabled to prevent pedophiles from using the DVD to examine those children too closely. It is a shame really as the costumes were intricate and beautiful. I would have enjoyed looking at the details but I understand why it was done.

The choir at Grace-St. Paul’s is off for the summer. I miss them already as, although I cannot sing worth a used Tinker’s Dam, I enjoy music.

If you wish to do so, please pray for: Michael the Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church, Kirk the Bishop for Arizona, Steve and the other clergy at Grace-St. Paul’s Episcopal church; for those in the military, especially those in combat zones, especially Ronald Berryhill, Owen Chandler, Christopher Gallo, Michael Hannan, Andrew Harris, Donna Heath, Frederick Jenning, Jordan S. Marks, Eric Osche, Mark Pundt, Terrence Robinson, Laramie Struble, Brian; for those in need especially Tori Due Brooks, Catherine & William Brown, Anagrethe Christensen, Jill Clements, Alysha Collins, Jim & Rosemary DeCook, Jay Elliston, Peter Foley & Pia Cuneo, Phyllis Garver, Ann Grisel, Oma “Sam” Guard, Brenda & Gus Gustafson, Brother Chuck Hannan, Joyce Henderson, Francesca Jarvis, Kent & Molly Johnson, Cricket Kelbaugh, Rita Magdaleno, Anagrace & Dan Misenhimer, Nancy Moritz, Brenda Pentland, Bill & Heather Pentland, Danielle Phillips, Jane Pundt, Doree Ramey, Robert Rosenberg, The Reverend Jack Smart, Susan Southwick, Ann M. Stephens, Marilyn Thompson, Sister Carol Willans, Ed, Georgie, Lee, Melea, Joy Bannerman, Forest “Duffy” Bledsoe, Mildred Gregory, Tony Jones, June Moritz, Maribel Ortiz, Jean Paige, Bridget Piech, Peggy Southwick, Stan Toburen, Amy, Bill, CJ, Connie, Dax & Nancy, Greg, Jerry & Rondy, Jim, Joel, Karl, Larry, Marilyn, Mark, Matteo, Mike & Rainbow, Monica & Danitza, Nate, Nick & Emily, Penny, Phil, Shauna, Shelly, Yong, Yvonne & Ty; for animal companions in need; for those who have died especially Margaret Price, Annie Holbrook; for animal companions who have died especially Prince. I ask that you pray for the millions of people who have been killed, driven from their homes or otherwise persecuted by Muslims throughout the world.


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