May 9, 2016

7th Sunday of Easter, 2016

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Happy Mothers’ Day.

Not being a mother and not being married there is little for me in this celebration; my Mother died in 1992.

This last week has been busy for me, but it has been busy in little things. Every trip I take on the bus, I have no car, takes forever and often when I need to transfer from one route to another the driver of the second bus does not wait for anyone transferring. This is especially annoying when the route I wish to transfer to runs only every half hour or hour. I complain to the bus company but it is a government agency and nothing gets done.

I have 2 Blu-ray players and 2 TVs, one each in the living room and one each in the back room that I use for a home office where I do my writing and so forth. The Blu-ray player in the office just broke and it is annoying because this one has the zoom ability and the one in the living room does not. I like to zoom in on various videos primarily to look at costume details. I watch a lot of YouTube cosplay videos for the same reason, some of those costumes are fantastic. I have been researching Blu-ray players and none of the descriptions mention a zoom capability so I have ordered blind in this regard. I hope that the one I ordered has this capability. I don’t zoom in on cartoons and anime because those quickly become just dots on the screen. But live action videos allow me to see the costume and enjoy the details of the costume.

I have so many videos, I need to organize and catalog them. I had a catalog of them in a spreadsheet but the file got corrupted and I could not recover it so I have to start over. Keeping something like that current is one thing, starting from the beginning is another. I have so many videos that the task is daunting. I have even more books and I haven’t even thought about cataloging them except as a fantasy that I occasionally dream about. Maybe I need to win the lottery and hire someone to catalog both my videos and my books.

I put Chapter Eleven of Entrance Examination up last Thursday. I would appreciate people reading and commenting on it. Yes, I am the author and I see the clues I put in there and you may not, but I really think that if you read the story from the start, by the end of Chapter Three you will be able to solve the mystery. My youngest brother, Eugene, has not solved it yet and keeps guessing who the eleventh person is. His present idea is that it is Father Lester, a Roman Catholic priest even though another character gave a very good reason to eliminate him. But that other character could be wrong even though her logic is sound. Her premise about the amount of time since Father Lester’s ordination could be wrong. I am not saying here or now. That’s the last chapter and I do not think I have cheated in my clues.

If you wish to do so, please pray for: Michael the Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church, Kirk the Bishop for Arizona, Steve and the other clergy of Grace-St. Paul’s Episcopal Church; for those in the military, especially those in combat zones, especially Ronald Berryhill, Owen Chandler, Christopher Gallo, Michael Hannan, Andrew Harris, Donna Heath, Frederick Jenning, Jordan S. Marks, Eric Osche, Mark Pundt, Terrence Robinson, Laramie Struble, Brian; for those in need especially Toni Sue Brooks, Catherine Brown, Anagrethe Christenson, Jill Clements, Alysha Collins, Jim & Rosemary DeCook, Jay Elliston, Peter Foley & Pia Cuneo, Phyllis Garver, Ann Grisel, Oma “Sam” Guard, Brenda & Gus Gustafson, Brother Chuck Hannan, Joyce Henderson, Francesca Jarvis, Kent & Molly Johnson, Cricket Kelbaugh, Rita Magdaleno, Anagrace & Dan Misenhimer, Nancy Moritz, Brenda Pentland, Bill & Heather Pentland, Danielle Phillips, Jane Pundt, Doree Ramey, Robert Rosenberg, The Reverend Jack Smart, Susan Southwick, Ann M. Stephens, Marilyn Thompson, Sister Carol Willans, Ed, Georgie, Lee, Melea, Joy Bannerman, Forrest “Duffy” Bledsoe, William Brown, Mildred Gregory, Tony Jones, June Moritz, Maribel Ortiz, Jean Paige, Peggy Southwick, Stan Toburen, Amy, Bill, CJ, Connie, Dax & Nancy, Jerry & Rondy, Jim, Joel, Karl, Larry, Marilyn, Mark, Mary, Mike & Rainbow, Monica & Danitza, Nate, Nick & Emily, Penny, Phil, Shauna, Yong, Yvonne & Ty; for animal companions in need; for those who have died especially Annie Holbrook; for animal companions who have died especially Prince. I also ask that you pray for the millions of people killed, driven fro their homes or otherwise persecuted by Muslims throughout the world. Also please pray for the thousands of veterans who died last week due to government abuse and neglect.


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