May 2, 2016

6th Sunday of Easter, 2016

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Last Tuesday, while attending a Pima County Board of Supervisors budget hearing, my knees went into full hurt mode. I have bad knees, the muscles that control the knees do not relax properly according to the doctor, but for the last couple of years they have rarely given me trouble. Last Tuesday my knees declared war on me. I have had more trouble with them since last Tuesday than in the last two years cumulative. And it hasn’t quit. Oh, it isn’t constant, but it is often. Added to my bad left ankle that causes me to trip somewhat often, and I tend to stay at home as a loner. I have been something of a loner since I was young. My eldest brother, the one that died last year, was six years younger than me. And the next two were two years and three years younger than him. My parents tended to move to houses and locations that fit them and not me. When we lived in San Diego, my closest friend was 2 miles away and I had to ride my bike to visit him, and he had to ride his to visit me. When my father suddenly moved the family to Cincinnati between my junior and senior years of high school I never had any friends there. I had a couple of friends in the Air Force but for the most part it was too transient and I rarely met the same people again for friendships to form. And I was not in combat for the deep friendships to form between those who shared combat experiences. My sole time in combat, kind of, was when I was a Security Police Augmentee for one month in 1970. So I don’t have much background to be the life of the party and now, at my age, I am even less so. I do try to get out and meet with people, I meet with some friends almost every Saturday for games, I attend church and the monthly political meetings and of course I chew out the Board of Supervisors every chance I get. But for the most part, I stay at home. So, if you who read this are a parent (or will be a parent), encourage your children to get out and meet strangers, encourage them to make friends, and most importantly do not stunt their social growth.

I now have ten chapters of Entrance Examination up on my other blog ( and am just over halfway done proof-reading and chaptering Dreadnought. I get some work done on Generations Upon Generations whenever I can. I hope to have that book finished and chaptered just as I finish uploading Dreadnought. The next book in the series will be set several years later, and the last book in the series will be even further in the future of that timeline. Just as a spoiler, in the last book the Empire breaks apart because it is just too big. I probably will never write anything after that breakup, I have too many other stories I want to tell. I just need to get them written down.

If you wish to do so, please pray for: Michael the Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church, Kirk the Bishop for Arizona, Steve and the other clergy of Grace-St. Paul’s Episcopal Church; for those in the military, especially those in combat zones especially Ronald Berryhill, Owen Chandler, Christopher Gallo, Michael Hannan, Andrew Harris, Donna Heath, Frederick Jenning, Jordan S. Marks, Eric Osche, Mark Pundt, Terrence Robinson, Laramie Struble, Brian; for those in need especially Catherine Brown, Anagrethe Christensen, Jill Clements, Alysha Collins, Jim & Rosemary DeCook, Jay Elliston, Peter Foley & Pia Cuneo, Phyllis Garver, Ann Grisel, Oma “Sam” Guard, Brenda & Gus Gustafson, Brother Chuck Hannan, Joyce Henderson, Francesca Jarvis, Kent & Molly Johnson, Cricket Kelbaugh, Rita Magdaleno, Anagrace & Dan Misenhimer, Nancy Moritz, Brenda Pentland, Bill & Heather Pentland, Danielle Phillips, Jane Pundt, Doree Ramey, Robert Rosenberg, The Reverend Jack Smart, Susan Southwick, Ann M. Stephens, Marilyn Thompson, Sister Carol Willans, Ed, Georgie, Lee, Melea, Joy Bannerman, Forest “Duffy” Bledsoe, William Brown, Mildred Gregory, Tony Jones, June Moritz, Maribel Ortiz, Peggy Southwick, Stan Toburen, Amy, Bill, CJ, Connie, Dax & Nancy, Jerry & Rondy, Jim, Joel, Karl, Larry, Marilyn, Mark, Mary, Mike & Rainbow, Monica & Danitza, Nate, Nick & Emily, Penny, Phil, Sam, Shauna, Shelly, Yong, Yvonne & Ty; for animal companions in need; for those who have died especially Annie Holbrook; for animal companions who have died especially Prince. I ask that you pray for the millions of people who have been killed, drive fro their homes or otherwise persecuted by Muslims throughout the world. Also, pleas pray for the thousands of veterans who die each week due to abuse by the Government.


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