April 3, 2016

Second Sunday of Easter, 2016

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If you consider everything that I do each week, it is a lot. However, very little is probably of interest to anyone else; at least, I think so and thus I don’t include a lot of detail that I think boring. And I think a lot of what I do would be boring to other people although I wasn’t bored doing it. But those little things take up a lot of time and often I am surprised at how much tie was taken up with any specific task. For example: I like Japanese Anime and watch a lot of it when I want to just kick back and relax. I have three sets focused on a human and the Demon King and a war with demons. They are nice and enjoyable. One involves the heir of a defeated demon king getting into retail as a sales clerk with the hope of opening up a branch of the store in the demon world, another involves a student being told (by an oracle that is never wrong) that he will become the next demon king (I am watching this one now) and the last involves a hero confronting the demon king and joining forces with her to end the war and improve the lives of everyone, demons and humans alike. Each is a series of episodes and the stories are entertaining and interesting. There are some that I have bought and do not like but those are rare. But watching anime is not everything I do each week, it isn’t even the largest user of my time. I am trying to learn the techniques of recording and posting videos on YouTube for the Pima County Libertarian Party, I study libertarian philosophy, I write and I read. This is in addition to sleeping, eating, washing, etc. And most of that would be interesting to anyone else I think. Or are you interested in the fact that I recently bought another copy of WARPLANES OF THE THIRD REICH by William Green and have been renewing my acquaintance with some of the strange and wonderful warplanes that the Luftwaffe at least tested even if they were not deployed and some very interesting aircraft types that were deployed.

Increasingly I am getting involved with politics. I am a delegate to the Libertarian National Convention for Arizona but it increasingly looks like I won’t be able to afford going. Which is a shame as I a looking forward to it. But I expect that it will cost me four or five thousand dollars and I just don’t have it. And if I raise the money from GoFundMe or something similar then taxes would eat up about half of what I take in, meaning I would need to raise close to ten thousand dollars.

I am not posting the prayer list as I normally do because the website for Grace-St. Paul’s Episcopal Church is down and I cannot reach the prayer list. If you wish to pray the list, perhaps tomorrow the site will be up ad you can get the list directly. But I will ask that you pray for the millions of people who have been killed, driven from their homes or otherwise persecuted by Muslims throughout the world. I also ask that your pray for the almost two dozen veterans who commit suicide daily because of Government indifference or abuse.

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